Fri. Dec 6th, 2019


By:: Vincent Gunde

Dowa District Council’s councilor, Cheukani Madeya, has faulted the council’s Internal auditor for the alleged massive abuse of public resources at the council.

Pic: Dowa District Council’s councilor, Cheukani Madeya.”the abuse of public resources is not by one person alone”.

This is following revelations by the Auditor Generals report that over 400 million Kwacha development fund including those meant for education projects ,is alleged to have been abused at the council.

Ombudsman, Martha Chizumira informed the public that her office will soon be conducting investments in councils alleged to have abused public funds and bring to book the culprits for justice..

Speaking in an interview, councilor Madeya , alleged that there’s connection between the council’s Internal Auditor and the directors on the abuse of the public resources saying the abuse is not by one person alone.

Madeya said the Internal Auditor releases repots from his office to the Directors him also being a Director, wondering of the abuses taking place without his knowledge.
He said the council is mandated to have quarterly full council meetings but this is not being done saying this is a challenge to all service committees that they do not have time for scrutinizing the figures in the reports, thereby contributing to failure to account for the funds.

The councilor said since they were elected in may, 2019 during the tripartite elections, the council has not met for a full council meeting saying it is relying on the directors working with all systems in the office.

The former patron of the Friends of Dowa, late Mr. Boxer Mnjale Chisale, is remembered to have accused the authorities of paying deaf ears over several alleged reports of massive plundering of public resources at the Dowa District Council.

Mnjale observed that silence by the authorities to arrest and prosecute the culprits, is a clear indication that Government is behind those involving themselves in the alleged abuse of public resources at the council.

He gave an example of the Dowa lodge which was implemented without the blessings of the surrounding communities beside several demonstration protests, the council went ahead to drain tax payers money for a project lacking transparency and accountability.

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