Wed. Jun 26th, 2019

Dowa Launches tree planting exercise

By: Vincent Gunde

Communities in Dowa have been asked to plant trees in their respective homes and public places like schools, churches and health centres to mitigate disasters resulting from climate change effects.

The call was made during the district’s tree planting day launch which took place at Mwambula village in the area of Traditional Authority Chiwere in the district.

The  launch of the district tree planting follows the national launch of the exercise by President professor Arthur Peter Mutharika at Malingunde in the area of Traditional Authority Malili in Lilongwe on 16 December, 2018.

Pic: communities of T/A Chiwere and councilor Georgina Limbikani Chunga planting trees during tree planting exercise for the district.

Speaking at the District launch organised by the forestry department in the district onbehalf of the council chair, Simeon Nyemba, Mponela ward councilor, Georgina Limbikani Chunga, said the district has faced alot of disasters in this rainy season which demand every individual to take am action to increase forest cover and generally conserving natural resources.

Councilor Chunga said many houses, schools and bridges have been damaged and some lives have been lost in the district which is a wake up call for the people of Dowa to take the conservation of environment seriously.

The Center Deputy Zone forestry manager, Jipate Munyenyembe urged the communities not just to do the tree planting exercise only but to put much effort in caring for the planted trees.

Munyenyembe said Malawians should keep in mind that planting trees is just one way of conserving the environment saying their are also other ways of taking care of the already planted trees and natural regeneration.

In his remarks, District Commissioner for Dowa, Alex Mdooko, expressed a concern over increasing human population size which is one of the major cause of environmental problems.

Mdooko said the increase in population size is putting more pressure on the available resources citing rural communities using firewood and charcoal burning for income generation.

He urged the Dowa communities to take the full responsibility of decreasing population growth by having children by choice and not by chance.

Speaking earlier, Dowa District forestry officer, Deborah Mushari asked the people not to take the tree exercise launch as only for the people of T/A Chiwere alone but this should be done every where covering the whole district taking advantage of this rainy season.

The Dowa District tree planting day launch was held under the theme….” planting and manage trees, secure water, food and environment….”

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