Sun. Sep 15th, 2019

Dowa MCP Councilor Eyeing parliamentary seat under UTM

By Vincent Gunde

Dowa District Council’s ward councilor for Chiwere North, Mac Donald Gwazani has expressed his interest to contest for Dowa East constituency as a shadow United Transformation Movement( UTM) parliamentary candidate.

Gwazani said he has decided to join UTM for a battle against the sitting MP Richard Chimwendo Banda saying all are from the opposition, Malawi Congress Party( MCP).

He said people of Dowa East constituency are being ruled by MPs who are not from the constituency saying the development has retarded development projects in the area making it to be the least developed out of the seven constituencies of the district.

However, Gwazani said eventhough he registered himself as a UTM candidate, the party’s district committee is favouring its candidate who is not known by the constituents to win the primaries.

Pic: councilor Mac Donald Gwazani…. people of Chiwere will not vote for a party but a person……

Gwazani said people of the area has encouraged him to stand as their parliamentary candidate having represented them as a ward councilor since 2014.

Gwazani said people of Chiwere will not vote for a party but a person giving himself credit of his performance as judged by the people of the area.

He alleged that people of the area have been electing intruders as parliamentarians citing Mr. Matapila Banda from Nkhotakota, Nasser Kara( Dedza), Jimmy Bauleni Mana( Thyolo) except only Mr. Frank Chidzaye, who was  from Ching’amba in the constituency.

The councilor further alleged that the sitting MP Richard Chimwendo Banda is from Blantyre and is  a young brother to a Blantyre based gospel musician, Wickliff Chimwendo.

He lamented that  the people of the constituency have for long been taken as a ladder by parliamentarians not from the constituency who have ended up enriching themselves at expense of the poor in the area saying time has now come to vote for one who is readily available and stays with the people in their midst.

But, Gwazani expressed a concern that he is finding a great challenge to sale himself to the UTM district committee  who are been  suspected of favouring one candidate who is not known by the constituents but only a UTM paper.

He said people of the area elected its constituency governor who was removed by the party’s district governor, Mr. Maxwell Tumani for his personal replacement a development which UTM followers in the district are accusing the district governer, Mr. Tumani of having a candidate name from his pocket.

Meanwhile, it has been established that the UTM  will from this weekend start conducting primary elections after a successful holding of the convention which saw Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima and Madam Patricia Kaliati run unopposed.

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