January 18, 2021

DPP Constitution opens doors for all members

The Democratic Progressive Party [DPP] says its Constitution does not specifically prescribe who should contest for any position in the National Governing Council [NGC] including that of party president.

The DPP says any registered member of the party is welcome to contest for any NGC position including that of the president, quoting Article 3 of the DPP Constitution which says membership of the party, shall be open to all citizens of Malawi, of good standing, regardless of race, gender, tribe, religion, physical status or country of residence.

The party says after the necessary steps including logistical arrangements and consultations with the top leadership of the DPP, it shall communicate to the DPP membership and the entire nation the date[s] and venue when and where the next DPP National Political Conference or National Convention shall be held.
In a statement signed by DPP Secretary – General, Gelzeder Jeffrey dated 5th January, 2021, the DPP is encouraging all DPP members from Branch, Area, Zone, Constituency, District, Regional Committees and the NGC to open up the party to attract as many people as possible to join the DPP in their collective quest to win the next tripartite elections.

The statement says the Secretary –General is welcoming all new members who have joined the DPP, including those that have expressed interest to run for various leadership positions in the party.
The DPP says as a democratic and progressive organization, it believes that allowing as many people to join it as possible, provides a broader choice base to select the best leaders from.

…….’’The DPP is aware that there lie many challenges on the way to 2025, we are optimistic that with our collective efforts and unity of purpose, we shall surmount these challenges,’’…..reads part of the statement.

The Party says as DPP members and Malawians may be aware, the incumbent DPP president, President Prof. Peter Mutharika would soon be retiring as the party’s leader after dutifully and honorably serving his constitutional two terms.

The DPP is commending former president Prof. Peter Mutharika for his exceptional leadership tenacity, he has ably managed to propel the DPP to greater heights after the death in office in 2012 of his brother, former president, the late Prof. Bingu wa Mutharika , even when the odds were stuck against him and the dark and evil forces were so strong against the party.

The DPP Secretary General is finally wishing the entire DPP membership and all Malawians , a Happy and Prosperous New Year, 2021.

By Vincent Gunde

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