March 1, 2021

DPP Expels Nankhumwa as Leader of Opposition, 4 Party Figures Dismissed

The Mighty Democratic Progressive Party [DPP], has failed to survive 100 days of being in opposition politics as it has come out in the open to fire four heavy weights from the party in a move that has been widely described by many in Chichewa as ‘’Chipasupasu cha a Ngoni pa Matembo’’ Chaos and divisions.

Hon. Kondwani Nankhumwa, Grezeder Jeffrey, Jappie Mhango and Mulanje West Parliamentarian, Yusuf Nthenda have been served with letters of dismissals from the party signed by the Administrative Secretary, Hon. Francis Mphepo, as no longer members of the mighty DPP.

The meeting of the Central Committee of the party held on 2nd October, 2020 in Mangochi with the former President, Prof. Peter Mutharika as its leader, resolved to expel the four from the party with immediate effect quoting Article 9[5][b] of the DPP constitution.

Nankhumwa to be replaced as leader of opposition in parliament for flouting the DPP Constitution

Nankhumwa has been expelled following his election as Leader of the Opposition in Parliament when such powers are vested with the party, Jappie Mhango for being Returning Officer with Grezeder Jeffrey as Chief Elections Officer, announcing the results of Nankhumwa’s victory and writing the Speaker of Parliament for an announcement while Yusuf Nthenda for rejecting Francis Kasaila’s name as Leader of Opposition in the parliamentary deliberations.

Former President and DPP leader, Prof. Peter Mutharika….the works of his hands are speaking for him….

Social media commentators have described the DPP Leader, Prof. Peter Mutharika as the President lacking leadership style, who easily get fooled by a few greedy individuals surrounding him and failing to invite his own Blue camp to a round table discussion on the way forward for the sake of the DPP to bounce back into Government in 2025.

the Malawi August House will receive new name of leader of opposition

The commentators have also described Prof. Mutharika as a headless chicken when it comes to decision making that instead of helping in the rebuilding of the DPP from collapse, he is busy destroying it for the work of his hands to speak for him, proving to Malawians that it is not easy to be in the opposition party, reality has caught the DPP in its 100 days in opposition politics.

It is now clear that Speaker of Parliament will be informed on the new name of Leader of Opposition as Nankhumwa is no longer a member of the DPP and the party has already made quick appointments replacing the four fired politicians, Samuel Tembenu is now the Secretary General, Joseph Mwamvekha, Vice President for the DPP in the South, Hon. Nick Masebo, Treasure General with Francis Kasaila as Leader of Opposition.

Nankhumwa’s political future in the DPP is uncertain

Meanwhile, one of the Legislators Hon. Ezekiel Ching’oma has written in his official face book page…….’’I wish I were an advisor of one of the worrying camps having passed this turmoil during the John Zenus Ungapake Tembo’s [JZU] period, as it is, without going into details, I can say this without fear of contradiction, that the Prof. Peter Mutharika’s and friends camp will carry the day, this will be a plus to the ruling side.

By Vincent Gunde

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