September 28, 2021

DPP Rescind Decision to Expel Four Key Members

The Democratic Progressive Party [DPP] has rescinded the expulsion from the Party of Hon. Kondwani Nankhumwa MP, Grezelder Jeffrey, Jappie Mhango and Hon. Yusuf Nthenda MP.

Nankhumwa and three other keys figures retain their positions in DPP

The DPP says the rescission has been made in reference to the letter dated 2nd October, 2020 communicating the decision of the resolution of the Central Executive Committee to expel the four from the Party.

The four have been informed that they are welcome back into the party as full members of the party and to their original positions in the Party saying the Central Committee arrived at the decision on the understanding that upon their return to the Party and their resumption of their duties, they shall abide by the Party constitution and they shall respect the leadership of the Party.

…….’’I am now pleased to advise that the Central Executive Committee has resolved to rescind the said decision expelling you from the Party,’’……reads part of the letter to the four, signed by Hon. Francis Mphepo, Administrative Secretary and Secretary to the Central Executive Committee.

Former President who is also leader of the DPP, Professor Peter Mutharika expelled the four from the party in a letter signed by himself and the decision to welcome back into the party, has been signed by the Party’s Administrative Secretary, a clear indication that something is missing that letters of rescinding the decision would have been made by Professor Peter Mutharika himself but this has not happened.

According to an inside source writing on his Face book page, the Party’s president was supposed to have an audience with the four expelled executive members , calling for a press conference and thereafter, handing them letters for reconciliation purposes saying political party disagreements and misunderstandings  are better resolved through contact and dialogue and not through the courts.

The source said a warning was already sent to the party that once the four expelled senior members of the Party goes to the court, the court shall order the DPP to hold a Convention within 90 days saying this could have led to a splitting of the Party resulting to going to the convention sanctioned by the court without the Party getting prepared.

……’’Unfortunately, some members in the DPP were refusing to reconcile with the four expelled senior members of the Party because they were benefiting from the Party in the absence of the three, Leader of Opposition, Secretary General and Treasure General,’’…..reads the writing of the DPP source on the wall.

The source lamented that in the absence of the Party’s Treasure General, there were no proper control of finances and this lacked transparency and accountability, a clear indication that some members of the Party were benefiting and in the absence of the Secretary General [SG], decisions were being made by those who had no legal mandate, they were shifting positions of regional committee members without proper reasons.The source expressed hope that now it seems that those who initiated the lies that led to the expulsion of the four and giving mediation between the Party and the expelled four members no chance, have come back to their senses only waiting to see if the reinstated senior members of the Central Executive Committee shall be accorded the respect they deserve.

By: Vincent Gunde

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