Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

DPP’s Aspiring Candidate for Phalombe East Launches His Manifesto

By: Takondwa Velemu-MEC Stringer
The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) aspiring candidate for Phalombe East Constituency who is also the deputy minister of diffense, Dr Amos Mailosi has launched his 2019-2024 manifesto at Nazombe primary school ground on Saturday.
Speaking in an interview after the launch, Mailosi said that his number one priority is looking at the economic empowerment opportunities for people in his area to be able to make money own their own in order for them to address the challenges they are facing.

Party followers who attended the launch

Among others Mailosi has promised to support agriculture diversification and enhancing security in the area. He went on to say that security is very paramount when talking about developments in an area.
“Issues of irrigation, provision of farm imputs will looked into, whereby in the process people will be dealing with food insecurity issues at the same time they will be getting money. Interms of security, issues of child trafficking, abduction and killing of people with albinism will be put to an end.”
Mailosi added that if voted into power he will continue supporting infrastructure developments which includes roads, bridges, schools and health facilities.
According to Mailosi people in Phalombe East do face challenges during the rainy season because of poor roads. One of the key issues which will be looked into this time around is roads infrastructure.
“Government has already given us the project of road construction works of Chiringa to Muloza. All these will be looked into very seriously in this second term if am actually voted into power.”

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