Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Dual Carriage Way Project misses deadline

By Tione Andsen

Parliament and Bingu National Stadium Dual Carriage Way Project being constructed by Mota Engil has missed the scheduled deadline for its completion.

Roads Authority (RA), Project Engineer, Chimwemwe Chirambo disclosed Tuesday during Sensitization on Health, Safety and Environment meeting for the Dual Carriage Way Project held Chimutu Primary School in Lilongwe.

He said the delay has been caused due to another of factors which were not envisaged when planning for the project.

“During the implement course of the project the contract discovered that there were certain areas within the road project which needed a lot of work to be done due to poor soil texture and water logging situations. They need to work on those key issues and this has contributed to the delay in meeting the deadline to finish the project.” Chirambo told the gathering.

He said over 80 per cent of the work has been done and an extension of one month to the project has been made.

The Engineer pointed out that the Project was supposed to be completed by October 4, 2018 but this has not materialized and that contractor has been given up to end November to see through the project.

He said the Project has two phases which are being implemented and the first phase was to construct the dual carriage and the second phase id the construct of the Interchange at Area 18 roundabout.

“We are planning to start the construction of the interchange now and is expected to be complete in the next seven to eight months from now.” Chirambo said.

He explained so far ground work for the preparation for the construction of the Interchange in progress with tree clearing near the Area 18 roundabout.

Chirambo added that the interchange with have a dual carriage that joining MI road and the Parliament-Stadium road.

Mota Engil Site Agent, Kondwani Gidala said the section of parliament and Area 14 is completed and it has covered over 4 kilometres of work and 1.5 km would be tarred by next week.

He said what is remaining in the installation of street lights along the road and land scaping.

“We have planned to install solar powered street lights for the dual carriage way. We hoped this will be completed very soon,” Gidala added.

Area 18 B Block Leader, Gilbert Zimba noted that security measures should be put in place in order to guard against vandalism of sign posts along the dual carriage way.

He explained that new roads are subjected to vandalism of sign posts which are essential to motorists where they are driving to providing guidance and direction when driving.

The Phase 1 of Dual Carriage Way Project was estimated to cost over K 7 billion and Phase 2 of the construction of Interchange at Area 18 roundabout is budgeted at K 4.3 billon.


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