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ECG members called to stand up to pray for Major 1:Cops on high alert

By: Vincent Gunde
Concerned Enlightened Christian Gatherings Church members have been called to Stand up and pray for Major 1, Dr. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri as he is sailing through a troubled life with increased spates of deep and unexplained hatred being directed at him following an unfortunate incident that happened at his church in South Africa on Friday December 28, 2018.
The members have said the attack on Major 1 is not because of the incident that happened at the church, but rather, other church leaders are jealousy of Major 1 successes in the ministry and are advancing xenophobic chants because they know he is originally from Malawi.
They said the xenophobic attack is not the Friday December 28 incident but just the desire to close the ECG church and send back prophet Dr. Shepherd Bushiri to Malawi.

Cops on high alert

In a letter circulating in the country’s media with a subject: LET’S STAND FOR OUR FATHER, MAJOR 1 from the Concerned ECG Members addressed to all sons and daughters of Major 1, reads in part… “On Friday December 28, 2018, due to unexpected thunderstorms, people started to run for cover and, in the process, panic resulted at the entry of the overflow of Hall A stampede ensued which cost the lives of 3 church members and atleast 17 got injured of which 9 reportedly injured by the media”…
The letter said soon after the incident, the church through the paramedics it employed, informed all relevant offices about the incident.
The church took the 17 to the hospital and, thank God, all of them have been discharged now and of the three( 3) dead, two have been identified, both from South Africa, specifically from Pretoria and Cape Town.
The church has led in meeting all necessary logistics to ensure that the beloved members are accorded the befitting burial.
However, the church heard from the media that the police opened a case against ECG because there are reports that the it did not involve the police when the incident happened.
The church administration has maintained its innocence and, as a matter of fact, has allowed the police to go ahead with the investigations.
To show seriousness, the church too has also launched its own investigations into the matter to establish the truth.
As many are not aware, the ECG has even suspended some pastors because of this and it is disturbed to note that on Friday, January 4, 2019, scenes of street protests ” THE FRIDAY NIGHT PROTESTS” were held where a harmful people were burning tyres close to P7 shouting xenophobic attacks such as ” Makwerekwere” calling Major 1 a ” killer”, and even worse, demanding that the prophet leaves South Africa.
According to the members findings, the church and the police are working together cordially and tere is nothing, so far, to report of challenges.
Prophet Dr. Shepherd Bushiri spoke at length about the incident during the Crossover as he underlined how concerned he was to the point that he directed a minute of silence in their honour.
The church wants every dedicated ECG member and follower to spread the message everywhere so that the truth is out and share it with WhatsApp friends, post it on their timeline even on Instagram and Twitter, just everywhere.
The church, is further calling upon its members and followers to stay awake and watch who is for them and who is against them.
The church is predicting something big coming on the way, urging its members and followers to keep to praying for the Major 1 Prophet and Prophetess Dr. Bushiri so that they are strong in these trying times.
Some people in South Africa have been protesting against Prophet Bushiri and his ECG following a stampede that occurred on Friday the 28th of December, 2018 which resulted in the death of three people.
The South African police say, following an investigation, believe that members of the congregation may have pushed each other as they panicked over unexpected thunderstorm that hit Pretoria, leading to the stampede.
However, a handful of individuals, as reported by the Daily Sun, confessed ignoring the explanation issued respectively by the Police and ECG on the causes of the stampede.
The group said they opted for protests in order to push Bushiri out of the country as they threatened to burn the ECG church, a reminiscent of xenophobic attacks in South Africa where foreigners and their properties are targeted, looted or set ablaze.
“We will be here, burning more tyres. They will not be using this venue anymore,” one of the protesters, identified as Kabelo Tladinyane, has been quoted the paper.
Prophet Bushiri’s spokesperson said they were aware that some people are using the incident to advance their xenophobic agenda.
“Well, people have the right to demonstrate. But on this issue, some South Africans, I mean some, just want to take advantage of an unfortunate incident that happened at church to advance a hidden agenda.
“In fact, from the statements given to the media and the chants heard during the protest, you would tell this is no longer an issue of the incident in question….taking advantage of an unfortunate incident that can happen to anybody to resurrect their deep hatred towards Prophet Bushiri”.

2 thoughts on “ECG members called to stand up to pray for Major 1:Cops on high alert

  1. Shepherd Bushiri as a person is a very good and successful man. How he makes his money is none of my business and about his being a prophet that’s subjective either, it depends on where you are standing and how you understand the Bible and everything…

    However events in Pretoria have made me think about one or two things surrounding this “man of God”.

    In his own thinking or I should say teachings, Bushiri believes he has lots of enemies who are agents of the devil and are out putting spanners into the work of God. He has his own reasons though, and in his own right he is entitled to his opinion. However, in my view i feel Bushiri doesn’t have enemies but he makes enemies in the way he handles most of his issues.

    Looking at some of his fights, they are too petty for a “man of God” and not worthy it.

    And the events leading to the protests in Pretoria were very avoidable. All he needed to do was simple, call the police, inform them of the stampede, allow them to do their job, issue a statement explaining to the public of what happened, offer assistance to the bereaved families etc. Calling the police in such a situation is too obvious, you don’t just do things your way, especially in a foreign land like SA.

    Now his followers want us to believe this is the work of his enemies, which enemies are these?

    Bushiri has been involved in some unnecessary fights from his time in Malawi to the time in South Africa. The question is why always Bushiri?

    In the past all his PR stunts kept on backfiring and exposed his lack of maturity.

    The thing is, I admire Bushiri as a son of Malawi who is or was making a name in a foreign land, he picks fights that he had been winning mostly in the past. How he is going to survive this one we are yet to see, but after everything Bushiri must learn to do the right things not because he is Bushiri, but because it is just right to do the right thing….

  2. I just feel sorry for these people you know,because now they expecting their own answers from Us,offwhich we really don’t know what exactly are they looking for…There was a stumpied at church people were unable to move,that leads to dead of the three,and offwhich that thing it happens every where even on Stadiums,but you’ll never hear them Protesting at the stadium and saying it must be close…Why Our Daddy?What have he done to people?Why people hate him so much?And God is with him,us through this situation,He wont forsaken us…He is chosen and there’s nothing to be done on that…We still remain E.C.G Members…So you they may Protest until their foots gets swollen,and they get tired…It shows they have nothing better to do inlife and they will still still remain that way,As for us we moving Forward…And we will stand with our FATHER MAJOR1

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