March 7, 2021

EGENCOs Gensets renewal contract irks Malawians

It has been reported in the media that the government of Malawi has renewed a contract of hiring EGENCO Gensets for another two years to supply electricity in Malawi.

Opposition parties ganged up in October to November 2020 accusing the DPP government of Former president Professor Peter Mutharika of procuring Gensets which did not produce any impact towards load-shedding and blackouts in Malawi since they were planted on Malawian soil two years ago.

Media reports are revealing that a total of MK57 Billion has been spent paying gen –sets which have proved to be of no use to poor Malawians only to the politicians for their intended purpose of thieving government.

Muvi wa Chilungamo is standing with Malawians to voice out its concern and anger as the renewal of Gensets contract to another two years is contrary to the wishes of many Malawians that were thinking that Tonse government would act differently from the DPP.

Its Commander in Chief, Bantu Saunders Jumah, says MK 57 Billion spent on useless Gensets could have been used to supply electricity from Cabora bassa Dam in Mozambique which is only 100 Kilometers from Mwanza district.

Jumah says Malawi is facing serious blackouts and load-shedding and it is a great mistake for government to renew a contract to a company which is behind all the blackouts and load shading in Malawi saying the Tonse government is just rubber stamping what the DPP was doing.

……..”They paid for two presidential jets in a deal which was started by the DPP government, Tonse finalizing it with the payments, today, they are renewing the contract to EGENCO started by the DPP, do not take Malawians as stupid to accept nonsense things,’’……said Jumah.

He says the DPP cannot be blamed for their mistakes, many Malawians thought that by voting out the DPP, the Tonse government would be correcting the mistakes, but they are doing the very same mistakes.

Jumah is reminding politicians that Malawi of today is different to that of 26 years ago which was deceived of free shoes, saying the issue of Gen-sets renewal of contract to EGENCO and finalizing the deal of buying two presidential jets, Malawians are angry with, warning government to treat this new Malawi of the Utopian philosophy with extra care.

By Vincent Gunde

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