Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

Erick Atsigah Confirms Decision Has Been Made Over Masters Future

By Erik Chiputula
Erik Atsigah has revealed that he has made a decision to leave Masters Security football club following the clubs failure to pay him salary and bonuses.
Atsigah has been making significant impact at the Area 36 outfit since joining them last season, helping guide the club to the TNM Super League Top 4 finish and win Carlsbeg Cup.
The Defender has started on a high note this season, he has already received two Man of the Match awards in the past 5 league games.
Asked if he is set to leave Masters he said:” yes! Am leaving because am playing without a contract and they are unwilling to pay me salary and game bonus balances”
“I love the team from the bottom of my heart but I think it’s just time for me to move on and join another club”
He further said that he has not received any offer from any club but he is ready to join a club with good offer.
Atsigah admitted that he will turn down any offer from Masters “am tired with their promises and I have decided to snub any offer and leave”

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