Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

ETHCO Dates Majiga Students For Career Guidance

By: Vincent Gunde

Ethanol Company Limited ( ETHCO), has embarked on career guidance program in some secondary schools in Nkhotakota district to help mould leaders of tomorrow.
The company had a rare opportunity when its senior staff members led by Chief Executive officer, Lusibilo Chakaniza took their time off their duty to inspire students of Majiga CDSS in Dwangwa to inspire them on their education and future career choices.
Speaking during the Career Guidance and Mentoring program activities that took place at the school, the company’s C.E.O, Lusibilo Chakaniza, said it is the wish of the company to inspire students to know what it means to be a successful person in the future.
Chakaniza said the future leaders will be built upon choosing the right career path so that they are happy as leaders of tomorrow.

Pic: Majiga CDSS students dreaming bigger through a career guidance.

ETHCO’s Temporary Lab Analyst, Esther Mbuna, said the company decided to date the students inorder to encourage, motivate and inspire them to aim and dream bigger.
Mbuna advised girls not to be distracted but strive to take up challenging tasks and careers, observing that the world has now opened up opportunities.
She said time has changed for girls and women to be in top positions saying they did not get there by chance, they worked hard to realise their dreams come true.
The Lab Analyst said for one to be at the top, need to be focused and work hard from the time one is born to when he/ she will die.
One of the students, Patience Msiska, said through the career guidance talk, she had learned that she can attain her dreams by working hard and being focused.
In his remarks, Headteacher for the school, Rodgers Banda, hailed the initiative by ETHCO saying it is an eye opener for the students choice of careers.
Banda expressed hope that their will be positive change amongst the students in the way they approach different subjects saying they are now position to know that for one to be in this field, has to major these subjects.
Through career guidance program, ETHCO will train mentors to inspire, guide and motivate students on career choices besides identifying needs of the school for possible support.

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