September 28, 2021

FND Takes Kachaje’s Under Qualification Head On

A governance and civic organization, the Forum for National Development [FND], has written the Anti-Corruption Bureau [ACB] and Ombudsman to investigate the appointment of Economist, Henry Kachaje as Chief Executive Officer [CEO] for Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority. The FND claims to have received complaints that Mr. Kachaje does not possess a Master’s Degree and the necessary experience which are primary requirements for the job attaching the MERA advert advertising for the position of Chief Executive Officer [CEO]. The organization says if the assertions are true, how Mr. Kachaje got shortlisted to the interviews let alone appointed is a mystery, leaving out other equally qualified people…’’Madam, you might wish to note that a lot of qualified people holding Bachelor’s Degree never applied for this job because of the Master’s Degree requirements,’’…reads the letter in part.

Henry Kachaje: speaking at a state function

It continues to say the organisation believe that Mr. Kachaje might have gotten a fair advantage over many other people who could have applied for this job if MERA was honest with its requirements.

Social media commentators have described the appointment of Kachaje as not surprising because he worked tirelessly to advocate for money to pay monitors who acted as security guards to monitor each and every vote of the Fresh Presidential Elections held on 23rd June, 2020 that no vote should be stolen to the thieves. The commentators are arguing that Kachaje was supposed to be rewarded somewhere other than in MERA which placed an advert for candidates holding Master’s Degree to apply to fill the vacant position of Chief Executive Officer[CEO] or Government should have appointed him secretly without placing an advert in the print and electronic media saying this could have worked. Other reports are indicating that Kachaje is one of the people who would have just been appointed but is lucky to have gone through interview process convincing the interviewing Board that he is capable to assist President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera achieving his HI- 5 philosophy of developing Malawi.

But, writing on his official Face book page, Kachaje says he is committed to be part of steering the change Malawians long for, strongly believing that Malawi economy largely hinges on the energy sector saying for the country’s economy to grow, it must sort out the bottlenecks in the Energy sector…’’MERA is at the centre and practical point in enabling growth of the Energy sector and upholding the Malawi economy,’’……reads the writing of Economist Henry Kachaje on the wall.

By Vincent Gunde

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