February 25, 2021

Frank Mzeka Releases Fabulous Video For “Ndi Ambuye”

Lilongwe based upcoming Gospel artist, Frank Mzeka, has released the much awaited video for his new single titled ‘Ndi Ambuye’.

Mzeka who started his career in 2014 has confirmed that a new video premiered yesterday for his track which was released in August 2020.

He said his main aim is to preach to people through singing so that they should start recognizing the good things that Jesus is doing for them.

In the lyrics, he urged people to worship, praise and pray harder so that they receive showers of blessings from God.

He further told smashmw.com that he believes his new song which was produced by Winko will change the lives of listeners.

“When they listen to this track they will be encouraged in spirit as well as reminded that every good thing comes from God,” he added.

He debut track, Ndimkakamila Yesu, was released in 2014.

For the past four years he has managed to release a number of best tracks including: Mulungu Adzakwanilitsa, Chimwemwe and Sindzaleka.

Frank has promised his followers a cover which will consist of all his tracks.

By Erik Chiputula

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