March 1, 2021

Gawa Undi appoints Chewa Heritage chairman in Malawi

By; Vincent Gunde

In his capacity as Patron of Chewa Heritage Foundation [CHEFO], His Majesty Kalonga Gawa Undi of Zambia, has appointed the Heritage’s chairman in Malawi, Dr. Stanley Chakhumbila Khaila to lead the activities of the grouping.

Gawa Undi has also appointed other members to work with Dr. Chakhumbila Khaila, Dr. Numeri Geresomo [Secretary General], Mr. Humprey Murrey [Treasure General], Mr. Pyson Likagwa [Director of Administration], Mr. Reuben Mwale [Director of Cultural Affairs], Ms Emily Mphate [Director of Fund Raising] and Mr. Jimion Nyanda as Director of Legal Affairs.

Pic: Reverend Flywell Somanje…..we believe that this be the beginning of uniting all the Chewas in Malawi…….

In a statement signed by Prof. George Yobe Kanyama – Phiri, His Majesty Gawa Undi of Zambia has since asked all the Chewas in Malawi to join him in congratulating Dr. Stanley Chakhumbila Khaila and the other officers on these deserving appointments and to wish them well as they move the Foundation to greater heights.

Meanwhile, Bwalo la Chewa Foundation [BOLA –CEFO], has thanked the Chewa Heritage Foundation [CHEFO] for having a new executive appointed by His Magesty Kalonga Gawa Undi of Zambia.

In a statement signed by its Executive Director, Rev. Flywell Somanje, reads in part…..’’On behalf of His Royal Highness, Dr. Paramount Lundu and all members of Bwalo la Chewa, we are thankful for the appointments of the new executive of Chewa Heritage Foundation [CHEFO] by His Majesty Kalonga Gawa Undi.

Bwalo la Chewa Foundation [BOLA –CEFO] is expressing hope that this be the new beginning of uniting the Chewa family in Malawi on the principle of United we Stand, and Divided we Fall.

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