March 1, 2021

Gender Based Violence fight, is for all

Head teacher for Dowa 1 Primary School, Landton Kachikuwo, has hailed the District Social Welfare Office for working hand in hand with schools in addressing issues of Gender Based Violence [GBV], particularly those of rape and defilement.

Kachikuwo said whenever the office receives a report of any GBV case, it ensures sending it has sent itsz officers or Child Protection Workers in time to get details of the victim and the suspect before reporting to police for a possible arrest.

He thanked the District’s Child Protection Workers for their commitment to end cases of Gender Based Violence in the district as Dowa is known for GBV since people regularly report cases and they do not get tired of doing so until all the perpetrators are brought to book.

Speaking during Ifenso Tingathe, a Parent and Child Health Initiative [PACHI] program in schools where adolescents share their skills and experiences on GBV, held at Dowa 1 Primary School in the area of Senior Chief Msakambewa in the district, Kachikuwo said the office assisted the school with two cases of girls who were defiled by a close relative and a father by taking it to police.

He mentioned one of the defiled victim’s father is still threatening to deal with him for reporting to the Social Welfare office that he has been defiling his own daughter, saying he is living in fear, and does not know what to do only thanking God that He is keeping him alive.

Kachikuwo said after hearing that the issue is in the hands of the District Social Welfare Office, the victim’s parent came to his office to warn him that he will deal with him but he did not specify what course of action to take against him.

…”The victim is still learning in class, we have counselled and provided guidance to her that what happened to her is not the end of her life, she has listened to us and is doing well in her class…..said Kachikuwo.

He appealed to the Child Protection Workers that whenever they receive information of GBV happening, they need to come with police officers to arrest such offenders in time because delays will make suspects feel that they have been reported to police by teachers, a development which will fuel enemity between teachers of a particular school and the suspect.

PACHI is implementing Ifenso Tingathe, a spotlight initiative, establishing clubs in schools in the spotlight areas of Traditional Authorities Mponela, Msakambewa, Mkukula, Chiwere and Dzoole with a possibility of scaling up to the remaining areas of Traditional Authorities Chakhaza and Kayembe with similar interventions.

By Vincent Gunde

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