October 26, 2021

GOAL Supports Covid-19 National Vaccination Campaign Project

An international humanitarian response agency, GOAL Malawi says it is supporting the rolling out of Malawi’s COVID-19 National Vaccination Campaign project targeting some districts in the Southern and Central Regions of Malawi, the project which is funded by ECHO is being implemented by nine NGOs through two consortiums and targets eight districts across the country. GOAL in the South is targeting Blantyre district while in the Central Region, it is targeting Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa district, the project will target the catchment area for Dzaleka health centre which has a population of over 51, 000.

Speaking during the introduction of the project to Dowa District executive committee at a meeting held at the District Council Chamber, GOAL Malawi’s Lilongwe Programs Coordinator, Boniface Kumwenda, said the project will be implemented for 12 months with an objective of supporting national and district health authorities in Malawi for the effective implementation of the National COVID-19 vaccine deployment plan. Kumwenda said the project will reduce the further spread of COVID-19 in Malawi by enhancing access to the COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment Plan and the African Centre for Disease Control and Prevention saying the project will improve capacities of District authorities to effectively communicate and dispel misinformation and build trust of communities towards COVID-19 vaccinations and its importance.

Boniface Kumwenda(standing): presenting the project to Dowa Dec…

He said the project will engage with District executive committees and District Development Committees on COVID-19 disease spread and control, importance of vaccination, their role in demand creation and vaccine on uptake and orienting Health Surveillance Assistants [HSAs] and other community workers on the operational guide for community engagement on COVID-19 acceleration plan. …‘’The project will see to it that people are protected from COVID-19 through enhanced vaccination campaigns at district level, crises modifier to respond to events that negatively impact access, uptake and follow up of COVID-19 vaccinations,’’…said Kumwenda.

Dowa DEC Members… sharpening skills on GOAL Malawi project…

The officer said the project will have Complaints and Feedback Mechanism, each consortium partner will maintain their own system to avoid confusion, suggestion boxes and help desk at project meetings and distribution sites, collaborative and linkages saying the project is expected to work with the Ministry of Health, District Civil Protection Committee, Disaster Management Affairs, and the local committee structures to achieve its intended outcomes.

In her remarks, Assistant District Registration Officer for National Registration Board [NRB], Malla Zimba, expressed hope that the project will achieve all of its intended objectives for the good of the district asking GOAL Malawi to share reports on how the project is progressing in the district.

Supporting the roll out of Malawi’s COVID-19 National Vaccination Campaign project will be implemented with funds from the European Union [EU] at a total budget of 20,000 Euros by Oxfam and GOAL budget is 31,000 Euros which is approximately MK48,960,000.00. Meanwhile, the Dowa District executive committee [Dec] has approved the project to be implemented in the district.

By Vincent Gunde

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