Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

Government has started the construction of government schools

By: Thokozani Kachingwe

President Arthur Peter Muntharika today through the fund from USAID has started the program of constructing 250 secondary schools.

Right….APM at masintha,left… Everton chimlirenji at kamuzu institute of sports .

The secondary schools will be constructed in all communities of the country.

Speaking at kamuzu institute of sports Muntharika said people should not destroy the schools because they are for the children of Malawi.

”we are contructing but others are destroying, do not destroy our country,” says Muntharika.

In his remarks Muntharika also says that nobody should fail to access secondary school because of being poor.

Apart from that, Muntharika said his government will help those who are opposing with opposing with development.

“they should keep on opposing but will help them with the development, “He said.

Muntharika also advised the malawians to love one another and be peaceful people as we are all children of God.

The Minister Education, Science and Technology susuwele Banda said the construction of secondary schools will help to create job opportunity.

According to Banda, the first schools to be constructed in four cities of the country.

He said that 13 schools to be constructed in Lilongwe, 9 schools in Blantyre, 4 schools in Mzuzu and 4 schools in Blantyre.

“then will go in rural areas” He added.

Banda also said other people will will be expecting that the schools will be constructed tomorrow but they will have the strategy of constructing the schools.

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