March 1, 2021

Government pays Chakwera –Chilima lawyers

Reports are indicating that government has finally footed for the bills incurred by Dr. Chakwera–Dr. Chilima lawyers as payment for the services rendered during the court proceedings of fighting electoral justice in court in which Malawians were disputing the fraudulent results of the May 2019 presidential elections as not representing the will of the people.

On 03 February 2020, the Constitutional Court sitting in Lilongwe delivered a landmark ruling ordering for fresh presidential elections in June 2020. Malawians that wanted change were all in the streets celebrating victory that had finally been won.

The lawyers have been paid for the good service they did, though some quarters of Malawians are arguing that the bill presented by the lawyers to government was just too much considering the economy of Malawi which is very small and weak.

Many Malawians have protested that the timing of MK5 Billion to the lawyers has come at a bad time as the government has declared a State of Disaster following the increase of Coronavirus infections and deaths and citizens are arguing that the money could best be channeled to hospitals to procure oxygen concentrators to serve the infected.

Muvi wa Chilungamo has backed the MK 5 Billion which government has given to the lawyers saying they deserve what they fought for but questioning the source of funding, recalling that President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera said openly that those who stole government resources will be brought to book.

Its Commander in Chief, Bantu Saunders Jumah, says had it been that former president Prof. Peter Mutharika and DPP accepted in good faith that they rigged the 2019 elections, there would not have been legal battles in court, but DPP did it deliberately by conniving with MEC to steal the elections.

Jumah says Justice Jane Ansah, Linda Kunje, Dr. Jean Mathanga and Kalekeni Kaphale SC stole the 2019 elections to favour former president Mutharika to win contrary to the wishes of many Malawians, saying time has now come for these people to foot MK5 Billion to pay the lawyers and not Malawian taxes.

He is demanding the Tonse government to give back MK5 Billion in two months period, it has borrowed from Malawians and this should be recovered from Justice Dr. Jane Ansah and her team to pay back what they stole from Malawians.

…….”MK5 Billion cannot go to the lawyers without the culprits paying back, Malawians are not stupid, the money is from taxes of the poor people, do not play with taxes of the people to pay useless things,’’…….charged Jumah.

Jumah is optimistic that President Dr. Chakwera will listen to the calls of Malawians that this MK5 Billion must be settled by Justice Dr. Jane Ansah and her team and not playing around with taxes from the poor people in Malawi.

He is warning the Tonse government that many Malawians are angry with their own government asking it to change to win back the trust Malawians had at the time of electing it into power, saying this development is what makes people to revolt against their own government and it should not happen in Malawi.

By Vincent Gunde

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