Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Government schedules to construct additional community stadiums

Government has said it will construct additional community stadiums in various districts, in a quest to promote sports industry in the country.

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Kondwani Nankhumwa made the remark on Thursday in Parliament saying that the project of constructing community stadiums in the district is underway.

“As the government we are embarking on a project to construct community stadiums in all districts, since we want to inspire the promotion of the sports sector in the country,” he said.

Apart from promoting the sporting activities at grass root level, the Minister said the construction of the community stadiums in the district is the agenda to help the Councils to host income generating activities in order to boost collection of the revenue in the country.

Nankhumwa said that the construction of the stadiums would have a positive impact saying that would help to develop sports like countries abroad.

“This is a very good strategy because we need a basis just like other countries that are doing well in sports and we need to follow footsteps of these countries,” he said.

Member of Parliament from Nsanje Lalanje, Lawrence Sitolo asked the Minister to construct a stadium in his constituency saying that would encourage youth participation in different sporting activities while making them to refrain from doing immoral behaviors such as drug abuse.

In the response, Nankhumwa said that through the project which the government is embarking in the country has planned to construct a stadium at Bangula Rural Growth Centre in Nsanje, which would help to keep youth busy with sporting activities in the district.

The project of constructing community stadiums in the districts is ongoing, some stadiums will be built next year and the following years to come until every district in the country has a stadium, according to Nankhumwa.


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