March 1, 2021

Govt pledges to support ADL strategic plan

By Dean chisambo


Government has pledged to support Airport development limited (ADL) strategic plan for financial year 2019 to 2024.

They will have the full support :Ali

Speaking during the official launch of the ADL strategic plan on Thursday in Lilongwe Director of Administration in the ministry of Transport and public works Ambassador Wilfred Ali said the strategic plan will empower the ladies as well as the youth to run some businesses at the port.

We will going to improve the airdrones : Misomali

”The ADL management as well as the board it’s very important to consider intensifying their research and development because as we that the world are changing each and every time so it’s imperative for the to consider looking around the neighboring countries as well as countries beyond, how they developing in aviation industry and there after they also go by others that are doing so that our industry will will develops equally.

Ali (C) unveiling the strategic plan

”The strategic plan charts out ADL’s long term strategic goals for carrying out it’s mission of facilitating the smooth and secure movement of air travelers and cargo through provision of world class infrastructure and services,” said Ali.

He further said the strategic plan integrates well with the country’s aspirations as enriched in the MGDS 3 and the national transport master plan of the ministry.

In her sentiment ADL chief executive officer Rhoda Misomali said the strategic plan will guide them on operation instead of once waking up one day that ADL should do that and this but we will follow proper road mark.

”At the end of 5 years will going to improve in our aerodromes and that is very crucial because as ADL our major mandate is to make sure that we attract passengers and when they come here they they do feel safe and airport is providing all necessary activities that airport does, ” says Misomali.

She added that they will going to make sure that they will develop the land at the airport so that it might not stand alone but the facilities should complementing the buildings.

”we going to increase revenue through not involving anything that doesn’t deal with air side because the airport side is very attractive and we will open the shops like play station for kids, restaurants and many more.And we will introduce export processing zones because we want to increase our export so that we do need facilities at the airport if we have those anything that we need to export they have to be the zones that will be able whether it’s storage or farming,” lamented Misomali.

The strategic plan will be identified  through the five key results areas which are management and development of aerodromes, Estates land property management, innovation research and development, provision of financial management services and undertaking general business trading. And to implement the strategic plan will cost k 45.2 billion.

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