January 18, 2021

Gwayani Hammered The Punisher (Kayuni)

After celebrating Boxing Day on 26 December 2020, Osgood The Punisher Kayuni, from the Army of Kamuzu Barracks, challenged Bayson Fuso Fighter Gwayani to a fight in the Ngwenyama Boxing Promotion held on December 27 2020.

During the first round of this bout, both contenders were optimistic about winning the fight through technical knock out but it ended with 50-50. Gwayani was dominating the fight in the second and fourth round of the bout. This lead to Kayuni loosing the fight after being hammered on the head by a hard punch from Gwayani at M1 Centre Point, Lilongwe.

Speaking to www.smashmw.com after the fight, Osgood The Punisher Kayuni admitted the defeat.

“He headed me with his head, not a fight. So with this tendency he has won this fight.

“After my recovery I will need a re-match of this fight. I want a belt not this non-title bout thus I will need to meet Hard Knocker who is keeping the belt.”

Meanwhile, Bayson Fuso Fight Gwayani said that he wants to challenge Hammock Phiri not to face off again with Kayuni.

“I have been with him since I was very young before I get into this industry of boxing. So he is very young, I warned him earlier on before this fight that he is ‘my Food’ and I have hammered him.”

“Currently I am planning on challenging Hammock Phiri whom I think will be in my level,” Gwayani said.

Chaos erupted, following Gwayani and Kayuni’s bout, between the boxing promoters and the boxers that participated in the main fight.

Alick Mbemba, who fought against Yobe Kanyunya, told www.smashmw.com that the boxers were underpaid after the bout.

“The money, we have been paid after the fights is not equivalent to the money that was written on the contract form. So if this tendency continues, the sport of boxing will not go further in this country,” Mbemba said.

The organiser of this fight, Patrick Ngwenyama, Boxing promoter, failed to comment on this issue as he fled into thin air amidst the chaos.

Apart from this main bout, Grey Chikwapulo slapped Yohane Banda pending for the judges decision after completion of all six rounds.

The Ngwenyama Boxing Promotion non-title fight marked the end of this year’s fights.

Only three bouts have been fought in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic that lead to closure of sporting activities in March.

By Patrick Dickson Phiri

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