September 28, 2021

High Court Finds Thom Mpinganjira Guilty, On Remand at Chichiri Prison

The High Court sitting in Blantyre has found businessman, Dr. Thomson Mpinganjira guilty of attempting to bribe High Court judges sitting as Constitutional Court in the Elections case of 2019. His bail has been revoked and has been remanded at Chichiri Prison awaiting for sentencing.

High Court judge Dorothy DeGabrielle says the court is satisfied with the evidence tendered that Dr. Mpinganjira wanted to corruptly bribe the judges presiding over the 2019 presidential election case to be in favour of the DPP and its leader, Professor Peter Mutharika because the party owed him money amounting to MK946 million.
Judge DeGabrielle said Dr. Mpinganjira illegally lent money to the DPP because his TFM Trust is not registered as a money lending institution, calling for an investigation on how the Trust had to lend the money to the DPP.
During the hearing of the case, Dr. Mpinganjira allegedly mentioned Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera of MCP and Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima UTM, as beneficiaries of his money to help them in their campaign trail, but Judge DeGabrielle observed that the donations were made to embarrass Dr. Chakwera and Dr. Chilima as beneficiaries of his money.

Mpinganjira’s rallied support during the hearing

Defence lawyer for Dr. Mpinganjira, Tamando Chokhotho in his mitigation asked the court to give the convict a custodial sentence basing on the facts that he is the first offender, is 60 years old, a family man, a widower, has built and supports a number of churches, pays school fees for disadvantaged children and has built a number of hospitals, appealing for a suspended sentence.
Chokhotho also told the court that the convict’s health status is not all that good ever since he suffered from Covid-19 and he needs frequent medical attention praying for a suspended sentence.

Reyneck Matemba: let powerful, wealthier and prominent people learn a lesson from the accused’s stiff sentencing

In his response, State lead prosecutor, Reyneck Matemba said the suspended sentence is not applicable saying the offence committed attract a maximum punishment of 12 years in prison and praying for the court to give the convict that sentence will send a message to other would-be offenders, arguing that the convict, Dr. Mpinganjira had he succeeded in bribing the court judges, he could have caused bloodshed in Malawi.

Dr. Thomson Mpinganjira: guilty as charged, bail revoked, remanded at Chichiri Prison while awaiting sentencing.

…’’The convict wanted to defeat justice, let the convict serve the warning to the other powerful, wealthier and prominent people that their power should not be used to overpower the law,’’…said Matemba.
Meanwhile, one, Thomas Likhomo Sestino Lot writing on his official Face book page says; one of the biggest mistakes the DPP made while in power was to trust Reyneck Matemba at Anti-Corruption Bureau [ACB] that was suicide.
……’’I used to write several articles kuti uyuyu muthamangitseni, lero siizi? Meaning that he has been calling for his firing at ACB and today, a great lesson has been drawn.

By Vincent Gunde

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