September 28, 2021

HIVOS seeks new ways of tackling corruption in public procurement

HIVOS, a Non-goverment international organization, said they are seeking innovative and new ways of tackling corruption in the public procurement.

Speaking in a public procurement stakeholders meeting held in Lilongwe on Monday HIVOS, executive director, Kennedy Mokwesha, said they have noted that corruption takes place within the public system with 70 percent of government resources spent from public procurement, and they want to fix their eyes on that particular aspect.

Mokwesha said, “No entity or no organization can solve this. We want to bring together various stakeholders at the national and district level so that we can hold the government accountable and ultimately we want to see an increase 8n transparency and accountability in the area of public procurement so as to tackle corruption.This will obviously lead to improved social service delivery in Malawi.”

He also said their objective is to target high spending ministries, departments, and agencies. He called upon the media and local government authorities to ensure that they are capacitated to tackle issues of public procurement and ultimately corruption.

Mokwesha added that they are working with various stakeholders, civil society organizations(CSOs) and are partnered with Catholic Commission of Justice and Peace(CCJP) in seven districts to ensure that they the various stakeholders are able to hold government accountable at both national and local level by the end of the project.

Sado also said the meeting is very important because it has drawn participation from various sections from the society and those who are concerned with actual procurement will be sharing their experience when they come up with

best practices.

He said, “It’s like a review, it’s a saving collection and also mapping the good way forward on how they can first handle procurement, for the betterment of the country, which are conducted in the ministries, department, agencies and also local councils.”

He further said that the Public  Procurement and Disposals of Assets Act has clearly set out the laws and powers of internal procurement and disposal committee which is mandated to handle procurement and disposal.

Sado added that the circulars from the office of President and cabinet are trying to guide members  who are very conversant with public procurement law, can save a lot in terms of public resources because that is the main focus of government to ensure that they have value for money from the procurements  which are made.

The meeting brought together members from various stakeholders such as city councils, area development committees(ADCs), civil society organizations, public procurement commission, Catholic commission justice and peace (CCJP), Public Procurement Disposals of Assets (PPDA) and government officials from the Ministry of Finance.

By Dean Chisambo

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