Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

HRDC plans to conduct citizen assembly

By Dean chisambo

Human rights defendant s coalition (HRDC) says they will going to conduct citizen assembly in mzuzu.

HRDC acting chairman Speaking during the press briefing in Lilongwe.

Speaking during the press briefing on Tuesday in Lilongwe HRDC member Solomoni Phiri says the aim of the citizen assembly is to Force MEC Chairperson Jane Asah to resign for mismanagement of 21 may 2019 tripartite election.

”we will contact the citizen assembly in mzuzu and there after we will conduct the demonstrations in Nkhatabay,” says Solomon.

”After mzuzu’s citizen assembly and the demonstrations in khatabay we will come to Lilongwe and blantyre for another citizen assembly as well as the demonstrations and we tell the public when will the citizen assembly when start in due course, ” he added.

On his remarks acting chairman of the HRDC Luke Tembo, oppose the rumours that are secreting in social media that HRDC chairperson Timothy Mtambo has escape in this country.

”That’s not true mr Mtambo has fly out of this country to work for the international assignment, ” says Tembo.

On the issue of the ambush which the HRDC are targeted HRDC member Reverend McDonald Sembereka says, police must investigate quickly and bring the culprit in book.

”police are delaying to bring the culprit in book because they are DPP cadets who is behind the ambush and this nonsense must stop because this is the country of our own, ” says sembereka.

HRDC member Reverend McDonald sembereka addressing the press in Lilongwe

Sembereka whose his house was been petrol mboming on Monday night by unknown people, but the HRDC suspect that the DPP cadets are responsible for the ambush.

Sembereka also says the issue of defilement of girls and women in sundwe must be investigating by the independent body not the police.

”We lost trust and confidence in police the way they doing their job in this country and the police cannot be investigated by their follow police officers because they are not transparency,”lamented sembereka.

Sembereka denies the allegations which the minister of homeland security Nicolas Dausi and the minister of information Mark Botomani says that the HRDC are planning to torch the markets in this country.

”This is the propaganda by the DPP they want to send the cadets to torch markets at end they will going to appoint figure on us that’s nonsense those ministers must do things that will develop our country not that trashes, ” added Sembereka.

The HRDC has been conducted demonstrations national wide since June to force Malawi electrol commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah to resign due to mismanagement of 21 may 2019 tripartite election.

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