October 21, 2020

IG of Police Implementing Police Reforms for Public Reforms

The Office of the Inspector General of the Malawi Police Service [MPS] says it has embarked on implementing the police reforms in line with the Government drive towards public reforms.

The office says apart from these reforms, necessitates that the police make appropriate placements in critical positions, saying it is not true that senior police officers were moved from their positions to smaller sections.

This is contained in a response letter to the Centre for Democracy and Development Initiatives [CDEDI on the office of the Inspector General of Police’s unprofessional and unlawful conduct especially in the treatment of senior police officers, signed by Dr. George Hadrian Kainja dated 14th September, 2020.

Sylvester Namiwa, CDEDI Executive Director….we will explore other legal remedies….

In the letter to the IG of Police, CDEDI says the conduct of the Inspector General of Police is raising doubts on his commitment to run a professional Malawi Police Service [MPS], and the public reforms being championed by President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and the Tonse Alliance Government.

CDEDI in the letter said it believes that reforming and modernizing of the Malawi Police Service [MPS] should start with the way senior police officers and all police officers in Malawi are being treated.

The organization claimed that the office of the IG is implementing fear in the police officers rather than professionalism saying the Constitution of Malawi, police Act and the rules of natural justice had not been followed in the transferring of senior police officers from Area 30 to other smaller sections.

CDEDI warned the office of the IG of police that it will be exploring on other legal remedies under the Constitution of Malawi and relevant laws of Malawi in case the matter is not resolved by the office as requested.

Inspector General of Police, Dr. George Hadrian Kainja…. there’s nothing wrong to resolve from my office…. .

But, the office of the Inspector General of police dismissed CDEDI claims of the senior officers transfers that the officers would have been told and given reasons why they were being transferred, saying its not true that the officers were transferred.…..’’You are at liberty to explore whatever remedies, I reiterate that my position that the said transfers were made in good faith, pursuant to the police reform Agenda and I did not contravene any Law, and consequently there is nothing to resolve from my office,’’…..reads the letter in part.

By Vincent Gunde

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