October 26, 2021

IMF demands MK50 billion from Malawi Government

It has been established through media reports that the former Democratic Progressive Party [DPP] was fabricating figures and lying to the donors on the economic situation for Malawi so that the donors pour to Malawi more aid for projects that ended up being implemented in the pockets of senior government officials.
The DPP led government of former President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has now been exposed that the International Monetary Fund [IMF] has proofs that the 58 million US Dollars [about MK50 billion] it gave to Malawi to alleviate the suffering of the poor, has its intended outcome not met, corruption was the order of the day in the DPP led government.
The IMF is demanding the money back to its account and this will be re-paid by the sitting government led by President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera for DPP financial dishonesty which portrayed that Malawi’s economy is good and is on the right track, while on the ground things were not moving as DPP politicians were the ones benefiting and not ordinary citizens in Malawi.
It is a sad experience for Malawi looking at the immensity of poverty in its 57 years of independence. The demand by the IMF for the Malawi government to pay back MK50 billion, is speaking for itself that all is not good for Malawi as donor partners have closed taps for Malawi resulting to Malawians being poor and poorer than the way they were in 1964.
Many Malawians thought that by voting out the thieving DPP, the Tonse Alliance government will correct the wrongs committed by the immediate-past government but the opposite is being seen, corruption is still worse than it was during the DPP era.
The Tonse Alliance government has no clear plan to end corruption and this has forced the IMF to set tough rules for Malawi. UKAID is reported to have reduced aid by 50 percent, donors are reluctant to give Malawi funds for developments and instead Malawi is in Zero Deficit budget depending on the taxes from its citizens for projects.

A Malawi Congress Party [MCP] die- hard of Dowa, Mr. Rodgers Kamphangala, said it is sad that the MK50 billion was shared among the DPP senior politicians at the expense of the poor in Malawi who are failing to access medical drugs in hospitals and are being asked to buy from pharmacies.
…’’Let Government prosecute them, confiscate their property, sale their property to recover the IMF money, these people are quiet and have money in their houses, no penny should come out from government coffers,’’…said Kamphangala.

By Vincent Gunde

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