March 7, 2021

Independence of Malawi owed to the Northerners

Muvi wa Chilungamo says the independence of Malawi is owed to the people of the Northern Region of Malawi, hence they need to be respected and given space for the views to be heard so that together, a good Malawi can be built.

Muvi wa Chilungamo claims that had it been that certain people sacrificed to die for freedom and independence of Malawi, the country would not have been like the one we are seeing today, special recognition of thanks must go to Levi Ziliro Mumba, Kanyama Chiume, Manowa Chirwa, Orton Chirwa and Thom Chakufwa Chihana, just to mention, but a few.

The organization has described Quota system in Malawi as moving in reverse because Malawians in government have forgotten the northerners were the first to receive education than those in the centre and south.

Its Commander in Chief, Bantu Saunders Jumah, says Malawians thought that the abolishment of Quota system was a good development for every district to benefit, saying it is unfortunate there is segregation of candidates moving it in reverse.

Jumah observed that from the just released results for Primary School Certificate of Educations (PSLC) Examinations, 182 learners from the North have been selected to National Secondary schools, 122 learners from Phalombe district alone, have made their way into national secondary schools and making things worse, Chaminade secondary school in Karonga, no single learner from Karonga and Chitipa has been selected to this school.

He has since asked the Tonse government to redress this Primary School Leaving Certificate of Educations results before things get worse, reminding government that people in the northern region have for long been advocating for a standalone nation, one of the reasons is Quota system of selecting students into public secondary schools.

Jumah has warned government that failure to address this anomaly, people of the north are angry and they will erect a road block at Jenda so that learners from the centre and south do not pass through to the northern region of Malawi to learn in its schools.

He said for years, learners in the northern region have been passing National Examinations with good grades, asking the Tonse government to explain to Malawians that learners from the north have this time failed to live up to their standards as compared to learners of the other regions.

……..’’I am pleading to the Minister of Education, Agnes NyaLonje, re–look at the results for national building of the country and not destroying it. People of the north will hold demonstrations on this if this is not given special attention,’’……lamented Jumah.

He advised government to stop selecting learners from Nsanje to Karonga considering the economy of the people as many people will not afford to foot for school fees, pocket money and transport costs saying learners from Mzuzu must go to Mzuzu Government secondary school.

By Vincent Gunde

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