October 29, 2020

Jiya Prays for Demarcation of Lilongwe City Central Constituency

Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City Central constituency, Alfred Jiya says he expects the K5oo million allocated to Malawi Electoral Commission’s [Mec] re -demarcation exercise, Lilongwe City Central will  be the first to be considered .

Jiya said Lilongwe city centre is the largest constituency in Malawi claiming that it has over half a million people more than other districts in Malawi which have two constituencies.

He said people of Lilongwe city centre are not enjoying good service delivery because the constituency is so large saying some of the residents in Chimoka, Area 50, Dubai, Ngomani and others have not been reached with ESCOM poles a development making the dwellers not happy that they are staying in town.

Hon. Alfred Jiya MP… Lilongwe City Centre is the largest constituency in Malawi…

Making his contribution to the budget session, Jiya gave an example of Mwanza which has a population of 48,294 people but has 2 constituencies, Neno, 5,049 people, 2 constituencies, and Nkhatabay, 10,074 people, 6 constituencies.

He said by comparison, Lilongwe city is being underfunded and biasedly denied of developments, Lilongwe city has 4 constituencies while Blantyre city has 8 constituencies, describing this as very unfair and against the Republican constitution.

The parliamentarian made a suggestion to the August House that Mec should re- demarcate Lilongwe city centre to 4 constituencies or merge constituencies to the size of Lilongwe city centre which shall mean that Malawi will only have a total of 55 constituencies from 193.

On the Tonse  Alliance being in Government, Jiya said Malawians are optimistic of the newly elected Government and they are so sure that change is definitely forthcoming saying it is a shame to see DPP former ministers criticizing themselves indirectly without any remorse in Parliament.

He said the Malawi youth are living with a keen interest eyeing for the promises of 1 million jobs, men and women have crossed their fingers for the fulfillment of the Tonse Alliance campaign promises, saying the main reason Malawians voted Tonse Alliance into Government was to remove the adulteration of laws and free for all grabbing of public funds, resources for personal gains saying people have seen that in the previous budget presentation that were deemed pro –poor turned out to be a political campaign tool.

By Vincent Gunde

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