September 28, 2021

Journalist Mourn Malawi’s Selective Justice for Asian criminals left free

One of the country’s renown journalist, Horace Nyaka says Malawi’s richest black person, Dr. Thomson Mpinganjira, has been convicted, what is worrying is that there are a couple of Asian criminals who have in the last 20 years been stealing the country’s money through the Department of Immigration, Malawi Police Service, MDF, parastatals, [one even bribed a president] and even through medical procurements.
Nyaka says Asian criminals cases are known and documented yet nothing happens and some of them are even continuing to get government tenders saying successive political rulers have protected corrupt Amwenye who bribe them with money meant for education, medicine and hospital equipment and other much needed developments.

Asian criminals captured in 2020 for court appearance

Writing on his Face book page which has attracted many readers, Nyaka says as Dr. Thomson Mpinganjira goes to pay for his sins, Malawians should ask themselves a question, why none of these Amwenye has been convicted and serving their time in the country’s prisons and who protects the Asian criminals who steal billions and kill people?
……’’Our judiciary is a joke indeed,’’…..reads Nyaka’s writing on the wall.
Another social media writer, Katiwenge Chirambo writing on his Face book page has sided with Dr. Thomson Mpinganjira that he must be freed, he is a political prisoner, the judges who accused him proved no crime, they are just scapegoating him for supporting the DPP, he further asks the famous question ‘… is it a sin to support the DPP?’ Saying this is no justice.

Dr. Mpinganjira’s faithfuls in solidarity outside the court.

Chirambo says Dr. Mpinganjira’s case must be the case where Malawians rise and reject this gross injustice saying sometimes people need war to achieve peace, sometimes people have to fight for peace, just as they have to fight for peace, just as they have to fight for justice.
……’’I can’t get over the hurt and pain of this gross injustice against Dr. Thomson Mpinganjira, the judges were the complainant, witness and judges at the same time accusing someone whom they are accused of attempting to influence them, let this sink; Ralph Kasambala remains a free man, Uladi Mussa is in jail, now Dr. Mpinganjira is jailed, Pastor Martin Thom is free,’’…reads Chirambo’s writing on the wall.

Mpinganjira(center) being takes to Chichiri Prison…pumped MK946 million into DPP coffers.

And on his part, Joshua Chisa Mbele says Malawians now know why Malawi Government issued a memo instructing ALL Ministries and public institutions to do banking with FDH, it is because Dr. Mpinganjira had pumped MK946 million into DPP coffers in doing so Malawi Government deliberately and corruptly gave FDH a monopoly, killing other Financial Institutions.
……’’If that arrangement was not of a criminal nature then nothing will be, let’s bring out that memo and initiate criminal investigation prosecution,’’…….reads the Chisa Mbele’s writing on the wall.

By Vincent Gunde

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