March 1, 2021

Junior Officers Reports Judiciary Service Commission to ACB, HRDC

Concerned junior Judicial Officers have come out from their silence to report the Judiciary Service Commission to the Anti-Corruption Bureau [ACB] and Human Rights Defenders Coalition [HRDC] for breaching recruitment and promotion procedures, and nepotism which is high among the Seniors.

The concerned Assistant Registrars, Judicial Research Officers, Professional Magistrates and Resident Magistrates, have challenged the authorities that the issues raised can be fully verified with the Judicial Service Commission, the Human Resources Department of the Judiciary and the Malawi Institute of Legal Education.

In a letter to the ACB, HRDC, Malawi Judges Association, President, Association of Magistrates AMA, President with a copy to the Judicial Service Commission dated 12 November 2020, the concerned junior Judiciary Officers say there is no clear recruitment and promotions policy in the Judiciary since the current chair of the Judicial Service Commission took over from Justice Anastazia Msosa.

The junior officers allege that the recruitment of chair’s Personal Assistant, His Worship Tamanda Nyimba, a nephew to Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda SC, as a Senior Resident Magistrate, was without proper justification, having studied Law outside Malawi contrary to its established law that only officers who were entitled to practice law in Malawi are to be in that position.

They allege that the recruitment of the Chief Justice’s own biological son, His Worship Wanangwa Nyirenda, was again without procedures, there was no job advert as an intern into the Research Department, saying a year or so later, he was formally hired as a Research Officer without going through a competitive recruitment process and a year later, he was made Senior Resident Magistrate.

The junior Judicial Officers have since expressed fears that some of them are not connected in any way to the chair, fearing that their likelihood to be promoted are very slim if interviews are not conducted.

…”It is very clear from the above that the chair has interests, no interviews are conducted, there is direct promotion,’’…..reads part of the letter.

The Junior Judicial Officers have pleaded with the good offices of the ACB and HRDC to intervene so that the wrongs that were committed in the past should be corrected, and competitive interviews conducted to fill any deserving positions in the Judiciary.

By Vincent Gunde

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