October 21, 2020

Keba Calls Non-title Bout Between Likande and Chazama

The Keba Inusah boxing promotions have call Salimu Chazama of Kamuzu Barracks to exchange bout with Alexander Likande in the non title bout at M1 centre point in Lilongwe on November 1 2020.

In an interview with FCM Tv online sports desk, Keba said all settled for the preparation for this bout since people were worried about the sporting activities in Malawi due to COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Keba, government through Presidential task force for COVID -19 pandemic gave them the guidelines that they will use for boxers in the ring.

“Government gave us all recommendations that will be followed when we are doing our sport activities during this COVID-19 pandemic period. So all the people that will come to watch this bout, will be tested for COVID-19 pandemic as one of the preventive measures.” Keba said.

Chazama and Likande will meet in a Non-title bout

Meanwhile Salimu Chazama and Alexander Likande have exchanged words over this bout that has been organised with Keba boxing promotion on November 1, when they were interviewed with FCM Tv sports desk.

Chazama has assured fans of his physical fitness and ready to fight Likande, he says he has been cleared by the Kamuzu Barracks and also released to train and prepare himself to face his opponent in the ring.

“Malawi defence force has released me for better preparation and my training manager kadewere has equiped me with all materials necessary for this bout.

“I am the king of fights in this country and I am not afraid to face Alexander Likande since he is upcoming boxer despite the bout I lost some time ago with another boxer. So I have gone through all my mistakes I made to lose that fight and I am ready to fight him.”

Responding to Chazama words, Alexander Likande challenged Chazama that he is going to see what will happened to Chazama on that date and all things are set in waiting for this bout.

“Currently nothing on ground can stop me to face Chazama, I am ready for him and ready for him, even tofay I can take him down, I am ready for him.

I have challenged him because I saw that Salimu is good boxer who can give me a chance to perform a good fight to Malawians.

“I want to get rid of old boxers in Malawi and usher in new names into the industry.

Likande further urged his supporters to be at M1 Center point to support him while he will be facing Chazama.

“I urge all my followers to come in numbers to watch my bout with Chazama.

“the coming back of sporting activities on the ground has encouraged me because some of us boxers, we do not have anything else that can bring us money, the only way of surviving is through this sports.” He added.

Keba boxing promotion has tabled Mk 2.5 Million for this bout to be held on November 1 and is sponsored by Boíli Medical Limited and Evergreen Executive Lodge.

Apart from this main bout between Salimu Chazama and Alexander Likande, Kudakwache Nkhakamira Banda will face Luis Nkhata from Mzuzu in the ring as the supporting bout, Chikondi Mtengo waminga Makawa from Liwonde will exchange blows with Mussah Boika Mkwanda from Mchinji as another supporting bout, Gift Elias will face Chriford Antaff as last support bout under male category.

Keba has assures the FCM Tv online sports desk and Malawians that he has organised the female bout between Aliate Mtende with Fatima Mbeka as supporting bout to main bout of Salimu Chazama and Alexander Likande on the November 1 2020.

By Patrick Dickson Phiri

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