November 23, 2020

Kumwenda Awaits for Blue Eagles FC on His Clearance

Ahead of the 2020/2021 football season commencement on Saturday, 28 November 2020, Elite League players are flocking to the teams that need their services. Blue Eagles midfielder, Vitumbiko Kumwenda has paid back MK3.5 Million for clearance so that he can join the team of his desire.

In May, this year, Mighty Wanderers wanted his services but Blue Eagles fined Kumwenda MK8 Million so that he can work with Wanderers team. After negotiation, Blue Eagles agreed to receive Mk3.5 Millions.

Amakosi Jere who is Vitumbiko’s Manager has confirmed to the that Vitumbiko Kumwenda is waiting for clearance from Nkhwazi of Area 30 so that he can work with any team and he has denied that the team of Wanderers has paid for Blue Eagles’ clearance.

“The rumours that Wanderers has paid Blue Eagles MK3.5 Million to get Vitumbiko Kumwenda are false. We are the ones who paid Blue Eagles for Kumwenda’s clearance so that he can work with any team of his choice.

“We did this, as requested as the team wants Mk3.5 Million to free Kumwenda. We paid them yesterday, we are only waiting for assurance from them.

“After depositing the money into Blue Eagles account, we contacted Football Association of Malawi, FAM, to enforce the Eagles for immediate clearance of Vitumbiko so that he can look for a team he wants to go,” Jere said.

On November 18 2020, reports indicated that Vitumbiko Kumwenda has joined Silver Strikers on a one year deal contract.

Commenting on this development, Jere advised Vitumbiko Kumwenda has not signed for any team as what it was written in the speculations.

“Kumwenda is waiting for Blue Eagles clearance and once everything is done with Eagles, people will know the team that will need the services of him,” he added.

Speaking to one of the Blue Eagles Executive officer, William Khoma denied to comment on the issue of Vitumbiko Kumwenda, saying that they have tired of Kumwenda’s issue.

The batle of Vitumbiko Kumwenda on his transfer to work for Wanderers melted in May 20 2020 where his contract with the Eagles was fading out.

Currently, Silver Strikers, well known ‘the Bankers’ is eyeing him carefully to get his services once football season commence on November 28.

By Patrick Dickson Phiri

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