Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

Law Commission Review Malawi Citizenship Act


By Dean chisambo

Malawi law commission has reviewed the citizenship act highlighting fifteen critical areas that makes the a person to become a citizen of Malawi including the issue of passport.

Mzikamanda addressing the members of the press.

Speaking during the presentation of findings and recommendations in press briefing on friday in Lilongwe the chairperson of the special law commission on the review of the Malawi Citizenship Act justice Rizine Mzikamanda said, Malawians will be benefiting from the new laws that have been reviewed and the rights will be respected.

”we intend to review the laws because as were used the old laws which has been established in 1966 and in 1994 the new constitutional laws were reviewed that consist of human rights thats why we come up with review part of the old laws to much with the new laws , ” says Mzikamanda.

”The commission recommends that the laws must expressly provide that a citizen of Malawi is entitled to be issued with a passport or travel document upon making an application i the prescribed manner, ” he lamented.

”The commission also recommends both general and specific offences relating to the citizenship and issuance of passports generally conviction relating to these offences attracts a minimum fine of one million to three million kwacha and terms of imprisonment ranging from six months to five years or to both particularly the offence of selling a passport or travel documents or blank passport or attracts a maximum fine of twenty million kwacha and imprisonment for 14 years or to both, ” said Mzikamanda.

”The report together with a bill will go to ministry of justice and the ministry will take it to cabinet to scrutinize it looking the aspects of it finally it will be taken to parliament for passage into law, ” he added.

On her remarks Executive Director of women legal resources center who represent Gender coordination network in the commission Maggie kanthewera Banda says women are secured of losing their citizenship when they get married to a foreign husband as the old laws described.

”The goodness of the new laws will give the advantages to foreign husband who married a Malawians spouse to be issued the citizenship of this country after 7 years in marriage, ” said banda.

Some other laws that are reviewed by the commission are Dual citizenship, citizenship by birth and decent, citizenship based on lineage and decent, citizenship of adopted child and presumption foundlings, citizenship by marriage, citizenship by any other means, citizenship by registration and naturalisation, registration of persons with close connection with Malawi, registration of wives of Malawi citizens, registration of minor children of Malawi citizens, and registration of stateless persons.

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