March 7, 2021

Lilongwe Deputy Mayor urges government to assess communities if they need a supply of masks

The Lilongwe Deputy Mayor, Richard Banda, said the government should assess the communities if they need to be supplied with masks to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In an interview with our Smash Malawi reporter, he said there are some people who cannot afford to buy the masks on their own and as such they need to be assisted.

In his speech, he mentioned that people in his Kaliyeka ward are following all the measures which the Ministry of Health under the Presidential Task Force put in place against Covid-19.

Banda said he has empowered block leaders to sensitize people so that they know that the Covid-19 pandemic is real and should be taking part in all preventative measures.

He added that through those block leaders, everybody is aware about the pandemic and they are working day and night in sensitizing the community on all Covid-19 preventative measures.

In his sentiments, Banda said there is a big challenge in fight of Covid-19, in the way that people’s businesses are being affected. Majority of the people in the communities rely on selling their things daily to get food for their everyday lives but due to the pandemic businesses are not surviving.

He added that, due to the school closure, students are moving up and down, and some are not even putting on their masks, which is endangering their lives, and that is another challenge he is facing in fight against the pandemic.

He further said, that when schools were previously closed, many girls were impregnanted. As such, in his ward he is ensuring that girls are kept safe through talking to their parents on girl-child education, to be encouraging their children that while they are at home, they should be spending their time in studying because the future is in their hands, in so doing, atleast they will go back to school safe.

According to the results from the DHO, he said in his ward, some people have been tested Covid-19 positive, almost five people have lost their lives, and some have been cured after following the medication.

In his last massage to the people of his ward, he said they should follow all the measures which the Ministry of Health put in place with regards to the pandemic: washing hands frequently, observing social distance and putting on a mask always.

By Thokozani Kachingwe

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