October 26, 2021

Lilongwe to be hardest hit Covid-19 district

By: Vincent Gunde


The Secretary for Health, Dr. Dan Namarika on Wednesday cautioned Malawians that basing on the Kuunika model of the Coronavirus pandemic, out of 17 million Malawi population, Lilongwe could be the hardest hit with Covid-19.

Pic: Coronavirus…Patriotic Malawians demands a fact finding mission to prove critics wrong…

Speaking during a press briefing in Blantyre, Dr. Namarika said Lilongwe is expected to have 1.5 million Covid-19 cases with 5000 deaths, warning that the situstion could worsen if no bold decision is made quickly to prevent the spread of Coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Some family members and workmates of the recently suspected Covid-19 who died at Kaliyeka in Lilongwe, are demanding that medical tests be conducted on them to prove if they are positive or not, claiming that no tests were made on them, but government went on announcing ten more discovered in the area to have Coronavirus bringing to a total of 33, three deaths and three survivals.

In Nkhotakota and Chikwawa, Covid-19 suspects are accusing the authorities at Capital Hill in Lilongwe of faking their illnesses for political gains, a developnent which is a clear indication that politics is playing a part in Malawi on the Coronavirus pandemic.

In view of this, the Centre For the Future( CFF) and its justice branch, Muvi wa Chilungamo, is demanding the Malawi Parliament to set aside K100 million tax payers money for a fact finding mission to go to the people declared to have tested Coronavirus positive to prove the critics wrong.

The CFF says the fact finding mision should be comprised of MPs from all parties represented in the national Assembly to come up with the truth of the matter, expressing fears that many Malawians will only be adhering to the precautionary measures that Coronavirus is here without believing.

In the audio clip circulating on the social media by Saunders Jumah, the Utopian, the CFF is advising Malawians to think harder that why Lilongwe and not Thyolo plus the other districts in Malawi.


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