January 18, 2021

Lions Club Embarks on an Online Diabetes Campaign

Lions Club District 412B has embarked on an online campaign on diabetes through the newly developed diabetes website.

Among other things, the website provides insights on the risk factors and prevention of the disease as well as an online diabetes self-testing.

 Lions Club District 412B Governor Ken Banda said diabetes is a big problem around the world and is a silent killer as many people do not know until it has struck.

 “The development of the website is one way of enhancing public awareness of its existence and how it has become one of the biggest silent killers.

He added that the website will be providing counselling to the affected and those that are not affected as well as referring the affected to get medical treatment.

He further said the website will also provide life style education to both affected and not affected as diabetes can be avoided and can also be managed through life style.  

“We would love to reach out to as many people as we can through our normal and physical club awareness campaigns and also through this online testing platform that we have created this year,” said Banda.

Lions Club District 412B public relations officer Alinafe Mlamba said this is one of the strategies by the District to ensure that communities they are serving are receiving the much needed information pertaining to diabetes. 

“Considering the busy world we are living in, we thought it wise to make it easy for people to have the first test online as this will help them have a clue if they are diabetic or not,” she said.

She added that the 15 Clubs in the district have various activities related to diabetes and this online campaign is there to beef up the already existing efforts considering.

She said to take the diabetes self-test as well as find information on diabetes people should follow this link https://www.diabetesrisk.org/88974 .

By Ireen Kayira and Esnath Kalawe

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