October 26, 2021

LL Motorcycle Taxi Operators Call for Trainings

Motorcycle taxi operators in Lilongwe city have asked relevant government institutions to provide them with road safety trainings which is key to combating escalating road accidents involving them.

Speaking to Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Tuesday, Peterson Wile one of motorcycle taxi operator said there are a lot of accidents due to lack of knowledge. “We are experiencing a lot of accidents involving motorcyclist taxis because most of us we don’t know road safety regulations. “Government through Directorate of traffic and Road safety council should help us with training on how we can operate on the roads that we can save lives,” Wile said. He further said that at the moment the traffic police are enforcing that we should have helmets as one way of protecting our selves. “We are being told to wear helmets every time we are on the road but that alone isn’t enough to avoid accidents. There are a lot of things that we can cover in the much needed training, we need to be trained to know how to operate on the road to prevent road accident,” explained Wile.

Motorcyclists services are convenient but risky

Amos Taulo of Lilongwe said there is need for the provision of Road safety trainings to them, in order for them to be aware of traffic rules and regulations which are key in avoiding accidents. “I have been involved in two fatal accidents before and I think it is time we go through proper training as motorcycle tax operators. “If we continue working without proper knowledge of traffic rules and regulations which are critical in our business Iam afraid we are going to lose a lot of lives,” Taulo said. He therefore asked other operators to ensure that they adhere to the set regulations, including ensuring the availability of crash helmets, valid driver’s licenses, number and plates.

Recently, Lilongwe Police station impounded over 300 motor cycles whose owners had no papers permitting them to commute on the city streets, but were released later after giving their owners six months to sort out road documents.

Recent reports have shown that between January 2020 and June 2021, 708 motorcycle accidents occurred in the country.

By Andrew Ndhlovu

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