Tue. Nov 19th, 2019


By: Vincent Gunde

The Malawi Engagement Group ( MAENGA), has asked president Professor Peter Mutharika to be sincere and truthful to the people of Malawi for meaningful deliberations on the round table following his call for dialogue to end political instability in the country.

Pic: Present Peter Mutharika.”4 months passed snubbing any chance or space for dialogue”.

President Mutharika on his arrival from Sochi, Russia where he attended the Russia- Africa summit seemed realizing the sense of talking as a citizen bow down to dialogue after 4 months passed snubbing any chance or space for dialogue.

In a press statement signed by chairperson and Chief Administrator ,Saunders Jumah, the Utopian, the Group found Mutharika a failed man saying violence, anarchy, tribalism, lawlessness and impunity have all all visited Malawi because of him.

“…..We have agreed to go on the table of dialogue for the love of united Malawi, one Malawi, one Nation but with conditions…..” ……reads part of the statement.

MAENGA is asking Mutharika to apologize to the country, citizens and all victims perpetrated with violence, hatred and divisions, resign his illegitimate position and call for the establishment of a presidential council to run Malawi till constitutional court delivers its judgement.

The Group asks APM to fire some ministers in the likes of Nicholas Dausi, Mark Botomani, pJoseph Mwanamveka,, Norman Chisale, MBC staff and separate from his wife, Gertrude, in order to pave way for investigations.

In the statement, MAENGA is asking Mutharika to command MDF to disarm DPP cadets, and those committed crimes hiding behind DPP to be arrested and prosecuted to give peace a chance and space with DPP compensating all victims dead, injured, dislocated or made homeless, raped and abused.

The Group is also asking Dr. Jane Ansah to come to the open to apologize to the country and Malawians as who really won the 2019 elections.

It claims that Malawians are not ready to be fooled, listen or dance to the tunes of propaganda, deception and distortions saying Malawians are ready with home made” Spear of Truth ” to free and liberate their country from crooks, thieves, corrupt and foreign people.

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