January 18, 2021

Malawi Government says Bushiri has a Diplomatic Passport

The Government of Malawi has clarified matters surrounding Prophet Shephered and Prophetess Mary Bushiri that they have a diplomatic passport issued from the passport office, Malawi.

Minister of Information, Hon. Gospel Kazako has made the clarification to the South African media saying Bushiri is in Malawi to stay as his home and the diplomatic passport being mentioned is in the hands of the South African authorities.

Kazako dismissed media claims making rounds in South Africa that Prophet Bushiri and his wife have five passports each having different details obtained in Malawi describing the news as not true and correct saying it is not a surprise that the news is coming from that side. 

Kazako said Government of Malawi is still investigating how Prophet Bushiri and his wife managed to pass through tight and well secured borders and beat the Immigration system of South Africa, saying this is the same way they have done with the Malawi border posts.

However, Muvi wa Chilungamo has asked the Government of Malawi to interrogate Bushiri and his wife on how they passed through the South African borders without travel documents and the port they used to escape back to their native country, Malawi.

Muvi wa Chilungamo said South Africa has one of the best intelligence on the continent and the issue of Bushiri must be treated with common sense for the diplomatic relationships with South Africa not to be derailed.

The organization is reminding Government to learn from the past mistakes of 1986 when the Malawi Embassies in Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe were ransacked because of one person, the deaths of Mozambican leader, Samora Mosses Machel whose helicopter was found crashed in the forest.

Its Commander in Chief, Bantu Saunders Jumah, said Malawi sells her tea, tobacco, minerals through South Africa, expressing fears that once the diplomatic relationship is sour, Malawi will be dead, the country should not suffer because of one person in the name of the Bushiri’s.

……’’Let the Government of Malawi wash its hands to let the law take its course. President Dr. Chakwera is a man of God and cannot be involved in a mess,’’…..said Jumah.

He said the world is watching South Africa, where President Omar Al–Bashir of Sudan and Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace, received full protection from South African state Agencies for being holders of diplomatic passports, and the events that have led Bushiri to escape while holding a diplomatic passport.

Jumah said wrong becomes wrong whether committed by a diplomat or an ordinary citizen saying all Malawians learnt with a thigh of grief that President Dr. Chakwera was treated as an ordinary citizen while on visit to South Africa, he was stopped and checked undiplomatically, describing this as a disgrace to the nation happening because of one person, the Bushiris.

By; Vincent Gunde

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