Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

Chilima in Lhomwe belt with UTM breaking DPP strongholds: ‘Malawi needs a new era’

Writing by Enock Balakasi
UTM president Dr Saulos Chilima who also  UTM torch-bearer  in the May 21 2019 watershed election, said his party is certain in taking over the reins of power through the ballot and  usher in new era of opportunities for all not a selected few.

Chilima speaking in one of the whistle stop
Kaliati speaking at one of Chilima’s whistle stop in Mulanje

Speaking during a whistle-stop tour of Mulanje on Saturday. Chilima said the UTM has shifted away from routine politics for the love of the country and respect to the dignity of every individual Malawian.

“Those people discredit the UTM agenda because they want to take advantage of your situation. They want you to continue begging and depending on them even for the most basic of needs. Then they turn around and insult you as nobodies whose existence cannot be assured without them,” Chilima told the mammoth crowds that thronged his rallies.
He said Malawi’s development and transformation is not a one-man job as some politicians would want the people to believe.
“We all have to take an initiative to make Malawi a happy nation. This is why I urge you all, especially the youth, to massively vote for the UTM so that the nation’s fortunes take a positive turn,” he said.
According to Chilima, the UTM plans to transform the country’s agro-industry which he described as the bedrock of Malawi’s socio-economic structure.
He said apart from making his three-meals-a-day promise to Malawians a reality, a vibrant agro-industry will promote various other sectors like the manufacturing industry.
“Unlike the outmoded politicians who consider farming as a useless enterprise, we in the UTM recognise its worth to the nation. Think about a plate or pot maker, a stove maker, a charcoal seller, the confectionary producer – they all rely on agriculture to strive.
“This is why we pledge to increase crop yield by making fertilisers accessible and affordable to all farmers. This we will definitely do…just wait for our announcement of the prices by the end of this month,” a confident Chilima said to loud cheers from the crowds.
He said it is the UTM’s wish to have the country’s cotton processed locally, and to see clothes being manufactured here to benefit Malawians.
Chilima also reiterated his promise to not only make produce markets accessible to farmers, but also guaranteed meaningful prices that would transform their whole livelihood.
On other social amenities, the UTM president said his administration will among others improve portable water facilities, the healthcare system; and the status of teachers and all civil servants through decent and timely pay as well as proper housing.

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