Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

Malawi woman in UK fears ex partner to return home

By Linda Kawale

Priscilla Tembo, a Malawian living in Kent in United Kingdom (UK), is afraid to return to Malawi because her abusive ex partner back home is threatening her and vowed to inflict severe pain on her.

Apparently, Priscilla and her ex partner Brian Mazinga, lived together in the UK from 2002 to 2009 and it is alleged that Mazinga changed all over sudden and started abusing Priscilla before he came back to Malawi, taking along their son.

Priscilla has never returned to Malawi since she left the country in 2002 for studies in the UK.

In a country where gender based violence especially against women is the order of the day, Priscilla’s fears for not returning home are justified in view of the threats from her ex partner

Many women in Malawi suffer in silence in the worst forms of gender based violence that have left some of them permanently injured, traumatized and dead.

And if the threats by Priscilla’s ex partner in Malawi are anything to go by, it means he would often and willfully beat her mercilessly so she would endure the excruciating pain to her slow death.

We were not able to get through to Priscilla to get more information from her.

But our source in Malawi, Mary Phiri, said when Priscilla arrived in UK as a student in 2002, she met her ex partner Brian Mazinga there after having known each other back home.

“However, when she became pregnant by him in 2004, Brian accused Priscilla of cheating on him and started blaming her over petty things. He could end up beating her,” explained Phiri, a close relation to Priscilla.

She continued, “Brian left Uk in 2009 with their child and the plan was that Priscilla would follow them after she had finished her studies and that Brian would help Priscilla as she had done so for him.

“But Priscilla could not continue with her studies as she did not have papers to stay on in UK and she had run out of funds for fees. Apparently, Brian was irresponsible. And he was threatening and blackmailing her and reporting her to the Home Office for staying illegally in the UK.

“She had also sent alot of things such as clothes, shoes, perfumes and other stuff in the hope of starting a business when she eventually returned but Brian sold all of them. Some of the things were meant for her relatives. He never gave them”.

Phiri added that Priscilla would rather continue staying in the UK because the threat Brian is posing to her life is just too much and that he would end up killing her in Malawi.

“Besides, she was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and she had to undergo radio therapy in UK. Such services are rarely provided back in Malawi and she would not afford because they are expensive. And she is currently jobless, unable even to support her only child,” she said.

Phiri also alleged that Priscilla’s ex partner is politically connected in Malawi that it would be difficult for law enforcement agencies to arrest him when he abuse her.

“Beacause of his political influence, he would wish to do any harm to her and go scot-free. He has done that to many other people who he disagreed with. He is also threatening Priscilla to never come in contact with her own son,” she said.

According to Phiri, Brain lives in Bangwe in the City of Blantyre which is Malawi’s commercial capital while Priscilla’s home is in Chigumula in the same city.

She added that Brian is also threatening Priscilla’s family and relatives in Chigumula that they should never ever ask anything from her or try to accommodate her when she returns to Malawi.

“In fact, one of Priscilla relative’s home was recently attacked and vandalized by unknown thugs after Brian threatened to take unspecified action against him”. said Phiri.

Our efforts to speak to Brian Mazinga proved futile.

But our investigation has established that the man really lives in Bangwe in Blantyre.

Indeed, he lives a mafia like lifestyle with nothing tangible that he does for a living.

He drives, drinks too much beer and womanizes alot including even sleeping with prostitutes.

“With her ex partner’s womanizing behavior, Priscilla fears Brian would infect her with HIV and then later blame it on her to suffer the stigma associated with the infection in Malawi,” concluded Phiri.

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