March 7, 2021

Malawian returnees suffering in South Africa

About 500 Malawian returnees are reported to be stuck in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa after paying for bus fares and travel documents, and the Munorurama buses are waiting for permission to begin their journey to Malawi.

These Malawian returnees have come from different parts of South Africa and are meeting at one place so that the buses collect them on their journey back to Malawi.

Reports indicate that the buses are set to travel back to Malawi on the 23rd February 2021 from Johannesburg and the travellers are sleeping on the floor on empty stomachs a vast difference compared to where they are coming from.

Muvi wa Chilungamo is appealing to the Malawi Ministry of Foreign Affairs to intervene in the welfare of these returnees saying most of them have spent 3 to 4 weeks at one point waiting to be ferried home awaiting the 23rd February 2021 when the buses will leave South Africa.

Its Commander in Chief, Bantu Saunders Jumah, is asking the Government of Malawi to hire some other buses and not to fully rely on Munorurama buses, as there are allegations that these buses have dubious connections with some individuals in the Malawi Embassy in South Africa.

Jumah says in order to meet the travel costs, some Malawians are selling their property and others are contributing money to help those that literally do not have any penny as it is better they travel home to than die of hunger in a foreign country.

……”Malawians are being cheated, mistreated and punished by officials in the Malawi Embassy in South Africa before they are given a chance to board Munorurama buses to Malawi,’’…..lamented Jumah.

He is reminding the Tonse Alliance Government that each and every village in Malawi, has a son or daughter working in South Africa, there sufferings in South Africa, their families are also suffering and troubled in their hearts, their anger will cost the Tonse as they will need them for votes.

Jumah is asking the Hon. Minister of Foreign Affairs in Malawi, Mkaka , to act with speed to serve lives of Malawians suffering in South Africa as they will take another week and some days sleeping on the floor and without food waiting for 23rd February 2021, when the buses will carry them home. 

He expresses hope that Government will listen to the cries of the Malawian returnees even making special arrangements with the Malawi Embassy in Johannesburg, South Africa on how best to assist these Malawians staked with food and accommodation while waiting for 23rd February, 2021 for Munorurama buses to carry them back home in Malawi.

By Vincent Gunde

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