March 1, 2021

Malawians stranded in South African lockdown

By: Vincent Gunde


Hundreds of Malawians living in diaspora particularly, South Africa, are locked up in a Lock down and are crying for help to go back to their country.

Pic: Stranded south Africans and Malawian because of the colonavirus lockdown.

The lockdown in South Africa has seen people damaging property including police vehicles as a clear sign that they are not happy accusing government of failing to provide them with the necessary basic ammenities saying most of them survive on hand to mouth everyday .

Media reports are indicating that a group of Malawians went to Malawi’s High Commission’s office in Johannesburg for a help to carrry them back to their homeland, Malawi and were all surprised to hearing from the Deputy High Commisioner’s mouth that she is there to serve DPP and they should go to hell for a help.

Meanwhile, the Centre For The Future( CFF) and its justice branch, Muvi wa Chilungamo, has called upon Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Businessman, Simbi Phiri, to listen to the cries of Malawian souls stranded in South Africa and wants to go back home.
The CFF expressed hope that Prophet Bushiri who recently provided food to chikdren in Rastenberg, will not forget his country men, women and children in giving them food for them to stay alive .

In its audio clip circulating on the social media by Saunders Jumah, the Utopian, the CFF lamented that other people stranded have spent 3 days without testing a piece of bread and will die not because of Coronavirus but hunger.

…” We urge you to come and assist these people stranded with lockdown in a foreign country. Some of them have passports which have expired and wants to go back home to survive”,….reads part of the audio clip.

The CFF expresses fears that if nothing is to be done to these stranded Malawians within 24 hours, deaths will start be registering saying this will be costly to be transported to Malawi.

The organization is calling on the DPP led government of President Peter Mutharika to investigate the conduct of the Deputy High Commission  and  protect the souls of Malawians stranded in South Africa.

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