October 26, 2021

Man Buried in 2018 Rise from the Dead in Dowa

Wednesday, 15th September, 2021 will be remembered by the people around Mbalame village in the area of Traditional Authority Mkukuka in Dowa district when they saw for themselves with their naked eyes a man suspected to have died two and half years ago, buried, had risen from the dead to their disbelief.

The story of the man did not only attract the people of Mbalame village alone but disrupting classes which were in progress at both Mbalame primary school and Community Day Secondary School where all, students and teachers had to come to see the bizarre happening in their midst.
Motorists traveling along the Dowa Turn off -Dzaleka- Dowa boma road had to stop and disembark from the vehicles they were travelling in, to hear for themselves the bizarre story which is the first of its kind to happen in the area.

Fatsani Kalimba died in 2018 after committing suicide and a funeral service was conducted in his honour and was laid to rest at his home village, Ndalama in the area of Inkosi Mkukula in the district.
His brother, Titani and sister, Alefa confirmed that the one risen from the dead was their brother saying he has marks on his face from an incident that occured when he was coming from a drinking spree and was wounded from the injury, this happened in the same area around Mbalame village.

Group Village headman Ndalama of the area said he was phoned to see the bizarre at Mbalame school and when he arrived, he confirmed that the same man whom they buried in the grave, has risen from the dead saying this is history in its own making, men of God from the area were seen busy praying for the man in question so that he reveals more for the people to bear witness.
Upon interrogations, Fatsani said he was working at someone’s maize mill in Dedza and he does not know how he has travelled from where he was to his home.
As this report was being prepared, police are yet to comment but police officers manning a check point at Mbalame village along the Dowa Turn off –Dzaleka-Dowa boma road were informed of the bizarre.

By Vincent Gunde

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