Tue. Sep 17th, 2019

Mary Chilima’s Song Receive mixed reaction

By Enock Balakasi
Wife to the country’s Vice President Mary Chilima has released a rap song in garnering youthful votes for the UTM Party.
In the song, Mary, is promising the youth that her husband’s party is geared to create more job opportunities and improve their livelihood. She is showing her rap talent but also commitment to supporting local artists.
However the song has received mixed reaction on social media.
Mary Chilima is seen in her recent music video rapping campaign for her husband in the forthcoming elections.
UTM followers are backing up their hopeful first lady to be saying she has done a great job.
But other social media commentators have said that Mary Chilima’s song has shown that the second lady lacks seriousness.
Ben Chiza Mkandawire writes; “Seeing Mary Chilima rapping shows you the juvenile delinquency that is awaiting us if her husband stood a chance to win the state house.”He further added that with how Malawi is struggling it needs a serious woman who can pose as the first lady.
The song is a direct response to a hip hop artist Noel Chikoleka also known as Physics in the music cycle called Mutipatsa? [Are you going to provide?]
In his song Physics is asking politicians who are vying for different positions in the forthcoming elections if they are going to provide what Malawians needs.
In her response through the song Mary Chilima is saying Tikupatsa (We will provide).
Mukufuna ntchito/ tikupatsani
Mukufuna business/ tikupatsani
A Malawi voterani UTM/ a Malawi voterani UTM
Mukufuna chitukuko/ tikupatsani
Mukufuna chitetezo/ tikupatsani’
Sings Mary Chilima.

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