Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

MBC owe Musicians MK153 million in royalties

By Enock Balakasi
Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) is sitting on over MK153 million kwacha for Musicians, and it is seems not perturbed with the need to give to Ceaser what is due to Ceaser.
This has prompted Musicians Union of Malawi (MUM) members to give Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) up to May 20 to pay their loyalties amounting to K153 million accumulated from 2015 or risk being banned from playing their music both local and international.

Dumba : MBC should pay us MK153 million by Monday

In an interview with smash reporter after news conference in Lilongwe on Thursday, Chairperson of Copyright Society of Malawi (Cosoma) member task force Anthony Dumba confirmed giving MBC the said ultimatum.
Dumba said the action follows several attempts by the musicians through MUM and COSOMA have previously made to have the state broadcaster pay them their loyalties.
He said if MBC fail to pay the money by Monday, they will engage their lawyer and stop MBC playing songs. Apart from that they will hold vigils in all MBC offices as well as engage Sheriff.
“Several Musicians have died others fail to get medical help because they don’t have money while MBC is failing to pay our royalties, ” said Dumba.

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