Tue. Sep 17th, 2019

MCP, UTM MPs to Boycott Parliamentary Deliberations

By: Vincent Gunde
Concerned citizens of Malawi of good will, is requesting Members of Parliament to fully boycott attending parliamentary deliberations till the court provides the judgement on the Tippex elections case.
The request is coming at a time that His Excellency the State president of the Republic of Malawi, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika will conduct a state opening of the 48th session of parliament on Friday, 21st June, 2019.
The group is reminding MPs that 5 years is a long period of time and as such Malawians cannot accept to be governed through a blackmailed Tippexed results and government.
It says Malawians may not forgive nor forget and will not allow Tippex to rule over them hence ” no “to Tippex results and ” no to fraudulent administration of Mec.
In the letter addressed to Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima and Dr. Lazarus Chakwera with copies to all MCP and UTM parliamentarians, the group is arguing that there’s no need for parliament to to meet without knowing clear on who is to be on the opposition side and who is to occupy government side in parliament.
The group feel that a leader of opposition must be chosen from DPP as they are running government illegally following the Tippex results which do not reflect the will of Malawians.
It says only court judgement that will provide the next action through its ruling pertaining to Tippex results in relation to the petition lodged.
The letter says boycotting parliament will help to defeat thy evil plan of the DPP being busy buying independent MPs.
The group fears that the majority of independent MPs will be bought to paralyse the truth, Justice, and interests of Malawians as they did during 50+ 1 elections reforms.
It says in Malawi, democracy is a compromised leadership where MPs are bought with cash anecdotes not defend the interest of the people citing section 65 of the supreme constitution.
The group says boycotting parliament deliberations will help faster judgement at the court of law saying the issue of Tippex and manipulated of voting results is a national agenda.
It is finally urging MPs that anytime they hear parliamentary meeting, they must go to court for an injunction saying this will speed up judgement of the Tippex elections results.

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