Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

MEC Registers Drop in Voter Registration

Dr. Jane Ansah interacting with monitors during her surprise visit in Ntchisi

Written by Desire Mtawali

The polister body,  Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has registered a drop on projections for the first three phases of voter registration.

The commission has registered 2, 686, 903 representing 81 percent of the projected 3, 304, 492 voters.

The current figures are also 93 percent of the total registered voters for the same areas in 2014 of 2,877,409 voters.

MEC says out of the projected figures for 2018 in the first three phases of voter registration of 3, 304, 492, the commission has registered a total of 2, 686, 903 people.

MEC chairperson Dr. Jane Ansah said they have registered 1, 424, 025 females and 1, 262, 371 males in the three phases.
A total of 1, 507, 224, representing 56.10 percent of all the new registered voters are youths aged below 35.

Of those registered, 810,775 are females representing 53.79 percent while 696,449 are males representing 46.21 percent.

According to Justice Ansah, so far Nkhota-kota has registered the highest turnout of 88 percent and Kasungu the lowest with 74 percent.

Good number of men and women turning up for registration in Lilongwe in phase 3

In Nkhota-kota, a total of 178, 606 registered from 177, 999 in 2014; while Kasungu, 325, 301 people got registered against 375, 447 in 2014.

According to MEC, 170, 427 people have been registered in Salima compared to 183, 874 in 2014 whereas in Ntchisi hit 129, 980 figure from 131, 536 in 2014.

On the other hand, Mchinji has hit 241, 490 from 261, 029 in 2014 and Dowa has registered 325, 062 against 334,014 in 2014.

The MEC chairperson indicates that Lilongwe has registered 1, 013, 000 people from a total of 1, 080, 000 in 2014, a slight decrease from 94 to 81 percent. Mec projected to register 1, 249, 339 in 2018 in Lilongwe.

Justice Ansah said they are currently discussing with various stakeholders if it is necessary to add some days for the first phase of voter registration in Kasungu, Dedza and Salima.

“We are critically looking into the matter and we believe by the end of phase eight of the voter registration will have a tangible answer whether to add some days on not”, explains Dr. Ansa.

She added:“We are taking all serious measures, according to our figures it is only Kasungu which has the lowest turnout of 74 percent but Dedza and Salima did well.”
She, however, indicated there is no need to extend the dates for Lilongwe Mpenu constituency where it was reported people were busy with gold mining, saying 88.7 percent of people turn out, beating the total percentage of Lilongwe which is 81 percent.

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