Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

Slight Changes in Recent Tobacco Estimate

By Enock Balakasi

Tobacco Control Commission(TCC) says there’s a slight change in recent crop estimate to last last estimate.

TCC Chief Executive Officer Kayisi Sadala said this on Wednesday in Lilongwe.

Sadala said the first results that was conducted in January showed that farmers will produce 205.5million kilograms and now it shows that they will produce 206.8million Kilograms.

“Recent crop estimate has shown that there’s a slight change your last estimate, in other words the results are more less the same, ” said Sadala.

Sadala: Government to announce minimum price in due cause.
205, 000 000 kilograms to be produced this year

Sadala also said the committe will meet today to discuss the right day of opening the market.

“Days to open the market will be announced very soon. Tomorrow (Thursday) the committe will be meeting to discuss how ready farmers and buyers are and they will propose a date that will be approved by the government, ” he said.

According to Sadala all tobacco from registered farmers will be bought and the government will set a minimum price that will help all farmers to get something from the market.

Kayisi Sadala further stated that the cyclone and flood that has affected some parts of the country has no impact in the production of tobacco as the affected areas were not the major tobacco growing areas.

On his remarks representative of Media Network on Tobacco (MNT), Anold General Mlelemba asked the TCC to work hand in hand to deal with child labor and deforestation.

“On our part we discovered that child labor is still existing in Tobacco farms, we need to work together to deal with this issues. And there’s also a concern of deforestation, farmers needs to be senstised on the importance of reaforestation” said Mlelemba.

Last year Malawi produced 203, 000 000 kilograms and the projected figures this year shows that there’s an increase in production to 205, 000 000 kilograms.





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